southeast louisiana duck hunting

Talk about various Louisiana duck hunting tactics with others and explore issues related to duck hunting in the heart of Cajun duck hunting country.

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southeast louisiana duck hunting

Postby joshmayeux » Thu May 16, 2013 12:32 pm

I hunt in south east louisiana and looking to add water motion decoys to my spread . Looking for and help or advice on which products work the best or have the most sucess with. I hunt in the middle.of a small bay right off a lake. I use over 5-6 dozen decoys and a mojo teal or two. But im about sick of these spinners and beleive that adding a water motion decoy or system would be a big plus. Any advice on what to go with. Mallard machine , hidgon pulsator2 , jerk string rig??? I hunt out a boat blind so it wouldnt bother me if i had to use a hard wired unit. Really need some feedback
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Re: southeast louisiana duck hunting

Postby TimberMan34 » Mon May 20, 2013 8:01 am

If you are looking for good motion and easy setup I would suggest the rig em right jerk string. You can put four decoys on the jerk string and the jerk strink has its on clips to clip the decoys to. It also has big claw so you don't have to worry about find something to tie it off too. There are also a few really good swimming decoys which you can buy them at most duck hunting stores and Bass Pro shops. They put good motion in water and also look like a real swimming duck.
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