Just getting back

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Just getting back

Postby hobbsj » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:07 am

Holy Cow,
I got back from basic training Saturday and hit one of my spots today only to find everything submerged by 2 more feet of water than the last two years. Needless to say my new layout blind got filled with water as I flailed in formerly waste deep water. Plus, the entire coastal zone thing was a bit of a surprise (a good one at that). Anybody willing to fill me in on anything else that's gone on this season? I hunt in the Portland area and will be making some trips up to Rockland in the near future if that helps. Not looking for insider info, but more like general info like if woodies and teal are still around in the usual spots, rains flooded a lot of the wadable spots, or "man we had some huge pushes and all the ducks for the season are gone." I found out about the entire hurricane Sandy thing a couple of days after it hit, so that shows you how out of the loop I've been.

Just trying to get caught up a bit. Thanks.
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Re: Just getting back

Postby JCraig12 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:30 pm

Still a few teal up here in Unity/Newport area, not sure about woodies but my buddy said he saw some a few days ago. Lots of mallards hanging around the marshy areas. Ringnecks are in the big water still, along with mergs, I guy I know even got a ruddy. Haven't seen any buffs or any other white ducks around yet but I'm new to the area so I don't really know if they come up this far from the coast?
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