Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

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Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

Postby mtstringer » Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:39 pm

Looking for ideas on starting a new lab pup. I am wondering if it is better to start one now or to get one in the spring and start then.
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Re: Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

Postby Rise and Shine Retrievers » Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:06 am

If you get a pup, mid to late winter, you can work on your basic obedience and start the retrieving game without too much trouble. Once the weather breaks in the spring, pup is 4 months and ready for more formal training. Also, this would put pup at around 10 month's old come next hunting season. It is not much fun housebreaking a pup in the dead of winter though and realistically, it's harder to get rid of pups this time of year.

Everyone wants a spring pup, the sun is out, everyone wants to be outdoors and you can do whatever you want as far as training goes. Pup will only be 6 - 8 month's come hunting season.

Either way, start looking for a pup now. Do your research and find a solid, healthy companion. Good luck.
Preserve game, use a well trained retriever.
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Re: Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

Postby decoycarver » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:32 am

now is not a bad time -optons are you can work with fresh killed ducks../wings..devolope a soft mouth..i started with a hair brush with a wing wrapped around it leaving bristles exposed..gentle pinch the lips (upper ) like you want the pup to smile..thwn say your command -DROP or GIVE..dont let pup chew..your basic commands are key at first. sit, stay, lay down,NO , heel ,come,--good girl /good boy..little snack -dog treat to start after each want to keep each command simple an brief..--YOUR THE BOSS..Do wriite a list of basic commands on paper -really think them through before you start go over them all the time so YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO USE ALL THE TIME !!!-do not change one word..( whistle traing coincides with commands ) 1 whistle =come, 2 whitles mean stay -youget the picture..
Training a pup is exactly the same as raiseing kids..your the boss..oh use the word KENNEL command your pup to its kennel, or back of your truck bed -or bedding area..kiss -keep it simple stupid..Gun training will come later..take the pup to a real skeet range or trap range and just use the commands to keep the pup under control..not close to the actual fireing..approx 70 first then closer each time out --you want to see the pups reaction -this is where you can make or break the pup..too close to soon will gun shy the should trai your pup EVERY DAY at least 1HOUR EACH DAY..make it fun --as soon as the pup loses interest stop training take a break then hug the pup and say good boy/girl --time it right so they dont lose interest..You get the idea..does anyone you know have a trained lab..get with them..the pup is you teaching your kid to play catch or hit the baseball.
Now if you decide to get the pup in spring how old will the pup be come hunting season ?this will be a shorter period of time to get ready..and you will/may beforced to force train your pup--NOT GOOD-we all get also have to introduce the pup to water training..better in spring when water if warmer..too cold you will be making pup water shy !!-there is a great book to get its by a man named Walter ( somthing) traing retrievers old book still iin print ..hes the best..guy looks like the old german toy maker -mustache and all..iiif i remember the last name i ll giive it to you..REMEMBER you are the parent /TEACHER of this can always ask me..
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Re: Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

Postby tgs » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:52 am

Still working with my first pup, she was born Feb 16th of this year and I picked her up in April on the school vacation week. She came to work with me everyday from mid April until mid June. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring her with me and I trained 2-15 sessions each day, obedience is always, but more formal things, sit/stay, whistle training, heel and such. I read books from Milner and Wolters and followed a lot of their suggestions.

Long story short, Pearl has done outstanding to date. She will be 9 months Nov 16th and has 63 retrieves this year both inland and coastal.

I would look and buy now and your pup will be even more ready and stronger come next fall than waiting until spring and hunting a younger dog. Once spring and summer hit you could really start water traing and such too. Just my two cents from a new lab owner.

Pearl came from Labman63 here on the forum. He did a duplicate breeding of Pearl's and I believe has only two females remaining, from a litter of 12.

Here are a couple a pictures of Pearl, just to get the juices flowing. By the way, she is a family dog too with great temperment.

8weeks old





Her first hunt Oct. 1st
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Re: Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

Postby jlmaine » Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:28 pm

I think now is a good time, like the guys said their are pros and cons for a spring/fall pup. I got my first pup in april and it was nkce because he was in the water the same day which brought a crap eating grin from ear to ear! Also just make sure to get a good healthy pup from a reputible breeder and all should work out. I read some tom dokken books and got some info from the web and used some knowledge from training short hairs that we bred. Hard to follow up TGS's picturess with that fancy camera haha but here are a few
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Re: Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

Postby daffy... » Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:41 am

my dog started getting birds before he was a year old. it takes time to find a good dog. start looking now and read the books water dog and bird dog
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Re: Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

Postby K.I. Joe » Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:03 pm

Get one when you can but do the research and make sure that the parents are of good stock. Got my dog in January of last year and she gets better and better everyday.

Edited to add, get the Bill Hillman Puppy DVD and when he/She is older Mike Lardy Total Retriever Training. Both very good videos
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Re: Ideas for starting a new Lab pup.

Postby 1187 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:44 pm

As was said, now is good if you want to hunt next season. Def mike lardy and evan graham stuff if your not connected with a waterfowl gundog trainer. My. 02. Retrieving and marking is easy for a hunting lab. Steadiness, signals and developing a great nose is key. And have fun! Good luck!
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