Central Maine Update - Friday

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Central Maine Update - Friday

Postby duckmann » Mon Nov 29, 2004 8:21 am

Ok, ok I know someone is going to ask. . . "Hey what about Thursday?". . . well let me tell you that when I got up at 3:00 on Thursday morning and it was raining cats and dogs! Unfortunately, by the time it rolled around to legal shooting it had simmered down to a light drizzle. . .I could have kicked myself for not going out in the rain on Thursday. . . I heard shots echoing up and down the lake all morning. If anyone had good luck on Thursday DON'T TELL ME!

Decided that Friday I would try something new and motored into a new spot to try my luck. First thing in the morning I had a Male and Female Hooded Merganser float into my spread and I took the Drake at about 20 yards with a shot of #4 Remington HV. I "thought" that maybe my luck would change and I might see a few mallards or blacks BUT the mergansers were the only ducks I saw all day. It was so cold with the North wind blowing, at what I thought had to be 50 miles per hour, that I had to crawl into my decoy bag to keep from freezing to death. I finally had to call it quite at 9:30 when I could no longer feel my feet. :) Man, I must love duck hunting.

Anyone else out Friday and almost turn into a popsicle?
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Postby DUKHTR » Mon Nov 29, 2004 8:59 am

went to CT for the long weekend....had only one shot Thursday and got the Black.....was in a spot I hadn't hunted in 15 years....alot of change!

Friday I hit another old haunt in the pm....had a pair of mallards come in and I took the drake....then with only two minutes left in legal time three Canadas pitched into the mallard dekes and even though I had Hevi 6's I was able to fold the two lead birds.....man, the Hevi is so good (although they were only about 20-25 yards away)

Saturday morning was a BLAST....my frined took me to a farm pond 'promising' alot of action....well almost an hour of legal time passed and nada....I was a bit surprised.....then the sky openned up like you would not believe....four of us limited out on mallards in the next 15 minutes!!! Mallards were coming in bunches of 6, 12, 20 at once and cupped in without any circling. And to top it off, we moved out to the open corn field with ten BF and took 8 geese!!!!! What a morning!!!!

My fgriend is a guide and he has THE spot where geese and ducks want to be....and it's exclusive. He still has a few opennings in Dec...if interested give me a PM and I will get you contact info.
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