Grumpy old men !

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Grumpy old men !

Postby decoycarver » Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:23 pm

Not a good day for a Snow Ball Fight--Yesterday at the Beach-really a fine gravel bar on the cove, as the Wife was sunning-as I saw a good number of locals enjoying the water, I observered 2 trucks with boat trailers parked on the beach behind me, as I sat there thinking obout the crappy boat launches my way, and Hunting the very same spot during the season. Well I got to thinking when I would do the same thing this fall. No huge Ledges, or Boulders to worry about, then came a White pick up with trailer and a 16' Boat and 2 old Men, as I watched them , back up unload the boat, put the little outboard on, paddle out and start pullin the cord..nothing.. the younger of the 2 approx. 60's in age, his buddy used 1 oar to steady the boat as it rocked to & fro, as the Guy stood up still pulin the the language was heading for the beach..No that I EVER SAID THE SAME STUFF-no not me-or have been in the same situation --no,no not me..well after watching these two guys, one spinning the Boat with the oar, and the other getting one hell of a work out!--I thought of the same situations I have been in many times, until my God rest his Soul, (Lobsterman ) Cajun Duck Hunting Buddy & mentor--He said Boy-( I was 50 then )-Boy, Your going to my Boats school, we were out Cootin on the big water-I asked Boat School ??--He told me he was 75, and had a triple bypass ans in no way could he Row the 16' skiff like he use to ( duck hunting as a 10 year old -15 miles round trip)-back to the float, That is now your job, if you don't pass my boat school, and it started when you put your ass in my Skiff this morning.Well I did learn a hell of a lot, make a check list starting with the trailer, then the boat , motor and all related items. ( plug in etc,) like no one here ever forgot?-well these 2 guys came back to shore an oar in each hand paddling. the oldest wearing no foot wear and hopping up and down on the barnacle cover little rocks, the other went and tried several times to back down the trailer, jack knifing as he attempted backing up the trailer. all of a sudden there I could picture my self I can't and Hate to back up my
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