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Postby ctdeathfrombelow » Sun Sep 29, 2013 5:30 am

Hey guys, my family has a cabin up on Rangeley that I may stay at. I really need a vacation an figured a free one is great, and one where I could hunt is even better. So I was just wondering if its worth it to go up there for "Pahtridge"
and/or woodcock. Is it crowded up there? I plan to go late October early November, during the CT waterfowl season split. Any and all info greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Re: Rangeley

Postby bkmaine » Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:35 pm

Here is a report from Maine IFW I received in my email this week:

Rangeley Lakes/Western Mountains Region

Up in the Western mountains area, things are looking good for the turkey season this fall.

“We have lots of turkeys, and plenty of excellent turkey hunting opportunities in our region,” said Hulsey, “I would grade it an ‘A’”

Hulsey added that brood counts were normal for waterfowl, and that while he doesn’t have a good feel for grouse, he has heard some encouraging news from others.

“I was out all day with a forester in the Rangeley area, and he said that he’s seen some pretty good numbers of birds,” said Hulsey. “Overall, I think it will be an average year for grouse, with some areas a little better than others.

Waterfowl hunters may want to check out Mercer Bog. While Hulsey said the middle of the day can be hit or miss, get there early or late for more action.
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