2013 Season Pics (so far)

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Re: 2013 Season Pics (so far)

Postby Huntswithashorthair » Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:50 am

The season treated us well. My season totals were (46) ducks and (7) geese and a nice upland mix of grouse and woodcock...and also some ditch chickens. I hunt regularly with Lames33 and he had the HOT gun this year...just pounded birds.

Learned a lot of things, tried some new tactics (hunted over an man-made hole in the ice on a pond!), got some new gear from Santa that proved lethal after Christmas, and most importantly had another great season with the hound.

I hope everyone had a great season as I am counting the days down until early goose opener in September...and so is my wife.
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Re: 2013 Season Pics (so far)

Postby R-Factor » Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:39 pm

Glad you had some good action this year- thanks for taking the time to share all the pictures with us! :thumbsup: It can be kind of a pain posting pics up on here your first few times, but I'd like to see more folks do it. I know many, many people use this forum that simply don't bother sharing because they're either unsure how to convert a picture from their computer- or are afraid of coming across as bragging. I love tasting sweet success personally on a hunting trip, but I'm also very excited to see others taste that same success...plenty of birds to go around and its fun to keep a finger on the fowl hunting pulse of Maine.
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Re: 2013 Season Pics (so far)

Postby pete/pmr » Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:00 pm

I too enjoy seeing others post pics of their hunts,and since I am up in Maine and interested in hunting there more,it helps me decide if the trip over is worth it! I hunt a lot of the year in Vermont but also come up to Maine visiting family and squeezing in a hunt while I am there is always fun! Thanks for sharing you pics! Looks like you had a fun season! Your dogs are beautiful,and look like they had as much fun as you! :thumbsup:
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