sad state of affairs

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sad state of affairs

Postby surf n' turf » Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:14 pm

Having grown up on the bay and gunned it until my early twenties when I left the state I always thought that maryland was the epitome of waterfowl hunting. I mean its the chesapeake bay and there is so much history and tradition there. Now granted I was still relatively young in the ways of waterfowling, but I never knew how much the hunting actually sucked until moving out west 8 years ago. I get on this forum and the one at the refuge and lurk to see what the everyone is up to back home. Now granted the goose hunting is great back home, as I fly back every x-mas for a week or so to shoot geese. I remember when I thought is was awesome that three guys came home with 6 ducks for a mornings hunt. Anyone who would be willing to make the journey out west I would be happy to host some fellow marylanders.The hunting along the shores of the Great Salt lake is unbelievable. it doesn't take much to achieve a 300 bird season out here. the best part is the amazing amount of public land available. Hope you guys a safe a great season.
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Re: sad state of affairs

Postby Bay Bob » Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:09 am

I have had the good fortune to live in Alaska, Washington, North Dakota, Texas, Colorado, California, Nevada and Arkansas, just to name a few - - -

And you are correct there are many more birds and hunting opportunities in the west.

I came to Maryland based on the stories of waterfowl hunting on the bay - - - needless to say your post title says it all - - -

Part of the problem is the decline in bay grasses, and on the Western Shore the decline of agriculture and changes in farming practices.

When I was a kid there was corn stubble everywhere - - - now all you see a few weeks after September are winter cover crops - - - good for the geese - - - but crap for the ducks.

I have to believe that the increase in the number of grain filled impoundments has served to make hunting here much tougher as the birds seem to concentrate on those farms, why would they go elsewhere.

It has done good for the birds as having food available helps, but it does make it harder for the average hunter to find birds away from the concentrations - - -

Now instead of hunting birds, we hunt for a spot next to a rich farmer/impounder who is shooting that day - - -

Sad state of affairs - - - but I am still farm shopping - - -
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Re: sad state of affairs

Postby Aunt Bee » Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:07 pm

I grew up hunting Blacks, Brant, "n Broadbill on the Great South Bay on Long Island in the '50's. Nothing like it unless I hunt from a registered site at Assateague, but that's not even close. :sad:
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