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Duck Quanity

Postby HDH » Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:16 pm

Has anyone notice the amount of Scaup that is here now? They are everywhere you look even in farm ponds! I am not complaining on our season but I wish they would show up like they are now around Christmas time..... :huh:
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Re: Duck Quanity

Postby ohioboy » Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:28 pm

none in my area-lots of small lakes around here. barely saw one all season here.

saw a few on the potomac, but i was done by the second week of january so i cant speak to this time.

i am glad someone is seeing them.
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Re: Duck Quanity

Postby PSUbuzz » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:11 am

They were in the bay by the thousands if you could find them this year. Fun bird to hunt and they sure do decoy nicely. I think they were definitely around in the Atlantic flyway in good numbers all around this year, way more than in years past. I shot bluebills in MD, NC, and Florida this year. All of my out of state friends that I hunted with said it had been a really good year for them in those states as well. My friends in PA that diver hunt also did well on the scaup. I would attribute it to good breeding numbers. Gotta run to a meeting, but someone should check on the Fed count of breeding numbers last spring on scaup to see if there was a big increase
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Re: Duck Quanity

Postby joemc » Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:26 pm

yeah there every where down by the benidict bridge on the patuxent.
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Re: Duck Quanity

Postby agkoh » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:52 pm

In MD Last weekend my dad and I launched our whaler (getting ready for strippers) and we must have seen a few hundred Mallards. Way Higher numbers than what we usually see in that area during hunting season.

In VA in the past couple weeks I have been seeing a ton of ringnecks and other various ducks on Ponds in Central VA where I never saw them this season. Kind of cool seeing them coming back or late heading down (not really sure which).
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