Giving a shout out to good gun shops

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Giving a shout out to good gun shops

Postby PSUbuzz » Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:51 am

Wanted to give props and my reccomendation for 2 gun shops that worked with me, as well as many other people to get their gun purchases in before Oct 1. Travis of Tannerman's Trading Post over in Martinsburg, WV opened his shop on Sunday when he is normally closed in his free time to meet me in order to purchase my pretty much new M&P 45 at a great price. He then personally transferred it over to Hafer's in Downsville, MD Monday morning when he would normally also be closed. Hafer's, if any of you guys know, is a very small shop. They were packed yesterday after work with their full staff working as fast and dilligantly as they could with lots of customers. Very professional and made sure all the paperwork was being filed for everyone's purchases, and they were being patient too with what was a very restless crowd. They got all my paperwork filed in time, and unlike some other shops that I heard were either not selling any restricted guns still, or holding for months, they are holding my purchase for the legal 10 days. I know some other shops are waiting the 3-4 months for MSP to get back to them before releasing to buyers which was proven illegal by MD shall issue's case I believe( I admit, ive been told a variety of cases going on and am getting them mixed up with who is suing which law). But I wanted to give some credit out there to Tannerman's and Hafers. Good guys and I will be returning to them for more business
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Re: Giving a shout out to good gun shops

Postby assateague » Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:58 pm

That's good to hear. I wish more gun shops adhered to the law. I've asked several down here (in my never-ending quest for a .22 pistol to work my trap line with) if they would, and the answer has always been no. So my money stays in my pocket. But at this point, it might be worth me making two trips up that way, to buy and pick up.

If anyone knows of any other shops which are following the law, feel free to PM me, as trapping season is getting close.

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