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new to maryland

Postby stackandwhack » Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:23 pm

Hello fellow hunters. My name is Alec and I have been hunting for about 6 years in my home state of PA as well as DE, NY, and MD. I am currently a transfer junior from PA but go to school here in MD. I have always been a die hard waterfowl hunter since my first hunt. I enjoy learning new tips and tactics from other people which have made me a much better hunter as the years have gone by. I hunt as much as I can back home but the 2hr and 30 min drive will make it hard to get out a lot in PA this season. I have hunted places in MD such as trappe, wingate, and langford which I have not been to yet, as well as places in DE such as milton, little creek, and mifflin, which I haven't hunted yet either. I have all my gear here at school except a dog and a boat. If any body ever wants to get out, I'm always ready to go 'fowl hunting. Unfortunately, school is difficult and it seems like there's always more homework to be done, but I will try my best to get out if at all possible. I wont have the time and accessibility to check my pm's on here so just text me instead.

happy hunting
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