Any hunters near Hagerstown?

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Any hunters near Hagerstown?

Postby taylor714914 » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:54 am

Just curious.. I'm about a half hour away, and was considering picking up the out of state license just to have some more options to try to find hunting spots. Thus far, my search I'm South Central Pennsylvania has not yielded anything promising. All of the marsh areas I've found in topo maps and hit in person have been dry or so low you couldn't float a decoy. Not familiar with any land in MD, but would take the same approach, using topos to find possible swamps or bodies of water and see if they are feasable hunting areas.

So, being so close to the MD line, is it worth it, or have you found the half hour distance doesn't make for much of a change in the hunting?
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Re: Any hunters near Hagerstown?

Postby barrelburner » Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:46 am

Hey Taylor I live near maugansville, md. I hunt the upper potomac river on occasion but have not that much last couple of years. I have seen a major decrease in birds migrating last couple of years. I usually wait and hunt last part of the season if it gets cold enouph. I do know of some gd spots but they are always better the colder its is and some gd freeze. I often wait to even buy my duck stamps until later. Pm me when you care too and I can give you some updates and or scouting reports as I am always up and around the river. Like you said water levels everywhere are low, no water = no ducks. Potomac is the lowest I have ever seen it for this time of year. Gd luck.
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