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Postby vt.honker » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:53 pm

:hi: A few years back,I sold my big water duck boat and ,ever since,I have slowly been selling off my personal gunning rig.Listed a few decoys on Ebay this weekend but when I got to this one...BRAIN FART :huh: !! I vaguely remember that this decoy was offered by a company in Maryland back in the1990s`.It has the look and feel of cork ,floats like cork,but does not have the weight of cork.I USED TO MIX THESE WITH MY CORKERS.I bought this decoy as a Mallard "sleeper"but repainted it later as a Black Duck.Does anyone remember these...any info would be greatly appreciated :hammer: !!!Had to list it on Ebay as something but I can revise the listing....went with what I think it WAS...Super Duck :yes: :yes: !!Here are a couple more...
Unspecified 003.JPG
Unspecified 005.JPG
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