Coming "home"

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Coming "home"

Postby mrjoshu » Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:42 pm

The season is out and traffic is low on here, but i will try anyway...

I live in Ohio and am an avid waterfowl hunter. My Dad's side of the family is from and still lives in the Havre De Grace area on the Chesapeake Bay. My Dad's uncles were all waterfowlers, but he was never introduced to hunting. I was hoping to plan a trip around Thanksgiving to visit family and fulfill a dream I have had for quite some time to experience the waterfowling that is in my blood and has taken over my hunting passion. I have started looking at the popular guides in the area and was hoping for advice or info. Anyone have a preferred guide or know of a rock star duck hunter that would take out a couple guys for a day or two. We all live in Ohio and would have no interest in hunting in Maryland on a regular basis so there would be no concern of "stealing spots". Three of us just like to take a trip each year to a new area and this would fulfill a dream of mine. We could also offer to trade a hunt, but Ohio waterfowl is not exactly prime. We might be able to offer some stellar whitetail hunting though. I appreciate any help. Divers or Sea Ducks would be my intended target.
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