Snowy Owl program, 1/25/14 Parker River NWR

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Snowy Owl program, 1/25/14 Parker River NWR

Postby rangercwh » Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:26 pm

Just wanted to share that Norman Smith, snowy owl researcher, will be doing a presentation on January 25, 1:30 pm at the Parker River NWR visitor center. It is on the corner of Water Street, and Ocean Avenue in Newburyport.

If you have spent any time outside this winter on the salt marsh, it is very likely that a snowy owl was in the neighborhood. Say hi to me, if you stop by, I'll be there.

On a side note, a kayak or small boat in these conditions puts you and your rescuers at significant risk. For a duck? I suggested to my brother, a kayaker, that I was thinking about it for duck hunting, and he asked if I were going to wear a dry suit. I said no, and he said don't do it. I won't. There are so few people out there to help, and a PFD may keep you afloat for a while, but not alive. You can have all of the right equipment, but you won't really have all the right equipment, and then when it really happens, and you are in the water, where are those flares? How many did you put on your person, because they won't help you when you are gasping from the cold in that nice waterproof tool box that is blowing downriver. How soon can help find you? Even the lucky have a bad day. Being careful often means staying home, or going to an owl program. Be safe and say a prayer for those lost.
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Re: Snowy Owl program, 1/25/14 Parker River NWR

Postby MIKE J. » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:32 pm

thank you for the heads up on the Snowy Owl presentation.

Also excellent words on cold water survival... Even if the temperature was in the 70's today the outcome would have been similar. The water is 34 degrees. your chance for survival in very narrow.
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Re: Snowy Owl program, 1/25/14 Parker River NWR

Postby PghDuckHunter » Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:20 am


Its not worth it fellas. Turn your attention to late season geese. Even walking in the marsh with the pot holes and broken ice is dangerous right now...
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