moving to MA or CT

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moving to MA or CT

Postby tapera » Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:29 pm

just what you wanted to hear, i'm sure.
after a couple years of maybe-here/maybe-there talk with the fiancee, we're heading to either western CT or western MA. not duck heaven, i'm guessing, but what do i know?
as far as i'm concerned, it's a win-win, because i'm leaving NYC after 12 years, and will finally have room for all my stuff, whether or not i use it a lot. plus i'll be getting back into trout fishing and bowhunting after a decade in semi-retirement from those beloved pursuits, which is all great with me.
i'm from missouri originally. most people out here who hear that say something to the effect of, "you won't find anything like what you're used to," etc. fact is, i've shot plenty of ducks in the meadowlands, between giants stadium and newark airport. not sexy, but any time birds come into the dekes, i'm happy.
point being: i'm not after limits, i just live to hunt ducks. all i'm really looking for is the hope that, if i look hard enough, i'll find a few little marshes/ponds/sloughs/whatever in western MA or CT where i can shoot a bird or three every now and again.
for longer trips, i'm prepared to make the drive to lake champlain. or the CT/RI coast. i've got a 17' war eagle with a 40 merc and a beavertail blind, as well as a pokeboat and ten million decoys in a friend's garage in Whatever, New Jersey.
thanks ahead of time, and all the very best--crip
PS--is there still a grouse to be found in CT or MA? from age 11 to 22, when my pheasant haunt became a walgreen's, that's all i did was upland hunt....i'd love an excuse to buy a bird dog.
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