Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby cape-shot » Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:59 pm

SMsovis, Did you see this on craigslist?
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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby Mbown75 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:44 am

I have some of the old bigfoots for sale with newer flocked heads. $200 for 15 or $15 per. Mixed poses.

Located in Wayland.

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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby pequawhonk1 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:29 pm

Are the Big Foot Decoys still available?
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Labrador Puppies Due 7/4

Postby Shark Bait » Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:20 am

Lab Puppies from HRCH Sire/Dam.

Shark Bait
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layout boat

Postby Professor_Leakey » Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:31 am

newly built. it is designed for one hunter and a dog. built with marine plywood with fiberglass cloth covering and double fiberglass tape on the seams. herter's duck boat paint. transom would support a small outboard. boat is 8' long and very stable. designed more for marshes and small water...not for open rough water.

price is $350 boat is in maine and will not be delivered. pm if interested.

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Layout Kayak for Sale

Postby mcroberts3 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 5:36 am

One year old 10' Old Town Trip Angler Deluxe for sale. Straps in front, large sealed cargo box in the back. Removable blind. Fishing pole holes as well. Weighs about 55 lbs with blind attached. The blind has 2 folding doors. Ducks don't see you in this. $800 -- I can sell the 8' utility trailer along with it for $1300 or by itself for $650. The wood is stained and clear coated for durability.
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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby deertoducks » Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:57 am

new never used Eider decoys, $85.00 per dozen, I have a few dozen kicking around. PM me with any questions

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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby DUKHTR » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:47 am

DH15...15' with 63" beam, locking cover, 3'x8' cockpit, 6g gas tank, anchors, seats, nav and int lighting, compass, depth finder, bilge pump, full shelving, switch panel with marine batt, full cordura blind..........Honda 30hp 4 stroke with full electric tiller.......SeaLion trailer with spare, swing jack and guide-ons.

This is a turn-key deal. The boat is ready to go for the upcoming waterfowl season. This is a very stable boat and handles the Atlantic for seaducking. This is easy enough for one person to handle in all conditions, but allows comfortable hunting for three.

Asking $8200. Will meet w/in reason (Portland to Portsmouth). More pics

The new version of this boat is the DuckBoss15


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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby Tim D » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:27 am

I ihave 16 flambue goose floaters weighted keels no hole need to be repainted great for goose decoys or repaint for brant i have to many trying to thin out $100 take them

Thanks Tim
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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby NGrace » Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:48 am

Hi folks,

I am selling a Johnny House quail recall pen that I built last year and used very sparingly. Pen is built very sturdily from 2x4s and half inch plywood and will hold 20-25 bobwhite quail or 6-8 chukar partridge. I recently installed a Less Mess food and water system which keeps the birds fed/watered for 2-3 weeks at a time. I'm asking $400 for this pen. A new one built by a carpenter would cost $1000+, with close to $400 just in materials.

Bring your truck and I'll help you load it.

Actual YouTube video of the pen here:

If you are interested, I'll throw in 4 quail to get you started. Contact me here: nategraceATgmailDOTcom.

Nate G.
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FS Old Squaw Decoys SOLD

Postby wsumner » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:12 am

Decoys sold.
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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby cape-shot » Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:28 pm

Hey guys, Im looking for an enclosed dog crate for the back of my truck to haul my lab Finn around. He's getting too big to bring in the cab every time and there's the hair and mud too :smile: . Im not looking for anything fancy just a crate I can take in and out easily and that will fit a full grown male lab ( 90#s or so). Thanks
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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby Richard Struh » Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:16 am

Shot in the dark, looking for a Benelli SBEII. Purchasing within a week.
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Richard Struh
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Goose Decoys -SOLD

Postby plumislandgunnin » Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:29 pm

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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby Rise and Shine Retrievers » Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:46 am

HR UH Rise And Shine's Scarlet Skies JH has been bred to CH Shallcross Lake's Chaamp MH RA
Both dogs are hunted, run hunt tests and are part of the family.
Pups will be due the last week in Jan and ready to hunt next fall. All health clearances OFA/EIC/DM/Cardiac/CERF. $1200.00
Shoot me a PM for more info.
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Re: Goose Decoys

Postby MIKE J. » Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:11 pm

plumislandgunnin wrote:Goose Shell for sale! Extra from an uncle that doesn't hunt anymore. I have more than enough and need the garage space.

This is the link to the Craigslist Ad -

Can deliver between Newbury, MA and Salem, MA. Deals for DHC member! I want them gone!


Those soft shell are Quack decoys. Almost indestructible. Great price for a dozen. Good Luck
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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby Mbown75 » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:12 pm

Mbown75 wrote:I have some of the old bigfoots for sale with newer flocked heads. $200 for 15 or $15 per. Mixed poses.

Located in Wayland.


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Re: Massachusetts DHC Classifieds

Postby Baymen Moe » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:02 pm

Hey folks. Capt Dave Bitters is trying to clean out the clutter which does include some waterfowl gear. Since he doesn't frequent DHC, I offered to try and move these for him. He has six magnum cork black duck blocks for sale. He believes they are from a Herters cork kit. I have seen them and they do look like classic cork decoys. They are in good condition.

He is willing to sell seperately or the whole lot. $35.00 each. He will ship but you pay shipping which would be pricey. He is in Duxbury if you wanted to pick up. You can call Baymen Charters and talk to Dave @ 781-934-2838. You can also PM me if need be.
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