Youth Hunt succsess Day 2

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Youth Hunt succsess Day 2

Postby A-Bomb » Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:55 pm

Well day two started off much like day one. Set the decoys, got the boat hid the birds were landing in the decoys. Just prior to legal shooting time we had teal buzzing through to no end. Finally time came and a GW teal came through the spread and went belly up duck. Then we experienced a suprising lull for early morning fowlin'. It just went dead, nothing flying, heard very little shooting. Finally things started to pick up about 45 minutes later. Not lots of birds, but at least they were moving a bit. Finally got some to come our way and they came in beautifully cupped and locked back peddling 2' off the water right in the hole. Unfortunately these shots must be too close and too easy cause the little guy couldnt connect to save his heine. I just couldnt believe he was missing these. I kept telling him follow through. I think he was just pointing and shooting as they were so close. Anyhow, after that things slowed right down for awhile again and we only had one teal in the boat and it was starting to get late. Watched allot of black birds for awhile and then finally some activety again when a suzy came in from right to left and Will dumped her just as she got into the hole. Not long after a teal came buzzing through and he busted that one too. Then another. Suddenly we went from 1 duck to 4. After that we had several suzies come in and land in the dekes, circle around teasing us. Finally i spotted a duck coming from the south low just over the cattails. I told Will get ready here comes a blue bill, get ready. Well it came right through the spread but by the time he saw it it was too late. Fortunately it circled right around and came back in where he dumped it in the decoys. After that nothing for quite awhile so we decided to call it quits. Ended the morning one shy of his limit. 2 BW teal, 1 GW teal, 1 hen mallard and a hen BB.

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Re: Youth Hunt succsess Day 2

Postby Boom » Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:30 am

Good job on the birds :thumbsup: ! By the smile it looks like he had some fun and got some decent shooting in. The easy shots can be the toughest for some reason. Some of them will have you scratching your head.
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