Eaton County public land

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Eaton County public land

Postby Fowlmouth421 » Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:51 am

I'm new to duck hunting and I'd like to know where there is state/public land to hunt ducks and geese in Eaton Co. I live fairly close to Lake Interstate which is state land according to MiHUNT but I'm not sure if the lake itself is open to hunting. Anywhere else?
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Re: Eaton County public land

Postby TheGreenDonkey » Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:23 pm

Lake Interstate is not the best for duck hunting. At this time of year there are still some fishermen out on the pond and can make things a little challenging. I’ve scouted that lake for several years mainly because when the early rut happens the field by the road leading to the lake is a great place to take my kids to watch deer. There are usually a few geese around but by the time October rolls around the birds are few and far between.

Near By lake Interstate the Michigan State Police Compound and Secondary complex has a nice little water hole. It’s great for youth or new hunters because you’re sure to get checked by the DNR. That’s where I spent my first opening day. I’ve gone empty handed may times there and limited out many other times. Just be sure to check the area where you’re planning to hunt as only a small portion of the pond allows for firearm hunting and expect other hunters in your area. It’s nothing great, but it is a perfect place near home that you can run out to for a quick evening hunt after work.

I too am looking for other good duck hunting spots in Eaton or Ingham County. Let me know if you’ve found anything else.
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