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Managed areas

Postby SL80Shooter » Sun Aug 06, 2006 6:44 pm

I'm thinking about applying for a reserved hunt at one of the managed waterfowl areas, but I am new to Michigan and have never been to any of them. Are the areas along Saginaw Bay such as Fish Point made up of mostly big water, or are they marshy areas? I need to find a place that is suitable for a small boat. Also, are the managed areas open before hunting season for scouting? I would appreciate any info.
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Postby Waldoo » Sun Aug 06, 2006 8:31 pm

I havent hunted Fish Point in at least 25 years, but I can give you an overview of some of the other ones.

Nayanquing Point - Mostly flooded corn with with a few small marshes. Easy to get in and out of. Usually pretty good for ducks, but dont get to many geese (usually only opened for goose hunting for a few days)

Shiawassee Federal Goose - $4 bucks a day. Goose ONLY. You can usually go out there and drop your one goose and still make it to work, but not really much of a hunt.

Shiawassee River - Marshes, Flooded Corn/Beans, Flooded woods. HUGE area where different sections.good for ducks, geese or both. A lot of it requires pulling over dikes.....BIG dikes. Can be a lot of work, but if you got a couple guys and a light boat its not to bad. I have read that they had a lot of corn wiped out from the rains.

I am in the military stationed in VA right now, but if I was going to be in Michigan for opening weekend I would put in for Nayanquing Point. It is managed well and is usually flooded for the opener. You'll see a lot of ducks there.
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