2013 season west mi hows it going so far ?

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2013 season west mi hows it going so far ?

Postby A5fowltalker » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:17 pm

My names Barrett I'm new to this forum I'm 19 I've been hunting for the past few years out of the Holland area I've hunted a few places but since I've never really hunted with any one older than me except my dad I've had to self teach myself and find places to hunt by word of mouth. I take a lot of my friends hunting to try and introduce them to the sport and many have become duck hunters and active conservationist through my efforts to try and introduce them to the world of duck hunting. I am in need though of someone who'd be willing to teach me some more tips and show me some more places locally as well as here in west Michigan To duck and goose hunt. My dad and I are trying to find more places and would love any help any one could offer. So far this year my luck hasn't been great not seeing much so far other than high flyers or small pairs booking it for cover of private land. I'm guessing the weather has complicated things? Hows every one else in west mi ? Doing any one from holland area had success ?

Any ways if anyone was interested in teaching me some more or helping me out that'd be awsome. Just to give an idea of what I have gear wise.
layout blind
I've got calls and can call fairly decent and quite a few decoys Mostly mallards and a few woody and blue bill decoys.
A mojo
4 goose field shells soon to be 8.
And I opted for a small 2 man sneak boat over a jon boat . So far I've had good success with it and have been able to get into a lot of shallow spots.

Any ways any help would be appreciated my dad and I are responsible safe hunters just looking to expand our waterfowling knowledge. Thanks
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Re: 2013 season west mi hows it going so far ?

Postby goosman » Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:50 pm

Its slow so far all over west Michigan. I live in grand rapids and have done most of my killing north and out in Saginaw just havnt had any large number of birds plus there is still a lot of standing corn. If you want to have good hunts you have to scout. If u find birds in a field get on them the next day. I know sometimes its tuff to hunt during the week but most of the time geese and ducks are gonna move to the next food source in 2 to 3 days unless there is a lot of food in the field with todays farming practices there usually isn't much left behind. as for public land I have great hunts Tuesday-Thursday once the weekend warriors are out I go to private spots. I also the last 3 years went to night shift just so I don't have to hunt the weekends my best hunts are during the week when there is little to no pressure. u have a lot of ground to coverr in that area. having a jon boat is nice just for scouting its nice to be able to motor around to remote places and see whats happening in a timely fashion. sneak boats are a great tool but that's all they are if u want to continue to hunt public water invest in a boat. Also try to get a crew together to help with cost I hunt with 4 guys and 4 guys only we all divided the cost of all the crap we have and its a lot im talking thousands and thousands of dollars but it helps doing it as a group vs by yourself it will take a long time to have the gear you want/need to be successful. Good luck stay at it if its in your blood you will be shootin limits in due time it has taken my group 5-6 years to finally have the spots and the know how to have movie style hunts. but we still have those days when the safty never comes off after all it is hunting my advise is scout scout scout be where they want to be
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