Update on CWLA and Dedicated Funding.need some calls/emails

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Update on CWLA and Dedicated Funding.need some calls/emails

Postby h2ofwlr » Sun May 15, 2005 4:57 pm

HF 826 which is the Clean Water Legacy Act and which ALSO containes the dedicated funding in it(Article 2, sect 1) but at 1/8 of 1% of the sales tax-not 1/4%, was resurrected this past week, it was sent out of the Ag,Env, NR finance comm to the Rules and Leg Admin Comm this past friday.

Here is the comm members, please, lets make some noise, call or email them and ask them to please fully support this legislation at 1/4% and with acitizens control/oversight. If your Rep is listed below, it is extremely important that you contact them to support this legislation.

All Phone Numbers are (651) area code E-mail Address
Chair: Erik Paulsen (R) 296-7449 rep.erik.paulsen@house.mn
Vice Chair: Char Samuelson (R) 296-0141 rep.char.samuelson@house.mn
Lead-DFL: Lyndon Carlson (DFL) 296-4255 rep.lyndon.carlson@house.mn
Ron Abrams (R) 296-9934 rep.ron.abrams@house.mn
Bruce Anderson (R) 296-5063 rep.bruce.anderson@house.mn
Connie Bernardy (DFL) 296-5510 rep.connie.bernardy@house.mn
Joe Hoppe (R) 296-5066 rep.joe.hoppe@house.mn
Larry Hosch (DFL) 296-4373 rep.larry.hosch@house.mn
Jeff Johnson (R) 296-5511 rep.jeff.johnson@house.mn
Al Juhnke (DFL) 296-6206 rep.al.juhnke@house.mn
Margaret Anderson Kelliher (DFL) 296-0171 rep.margaret.kelliher@house.mn
Paul Kohls (R) 296-4282 rep.paul.kohls@house.mn
Diane Loeffler (DFL) 296-4219 rep.diane.loeffler@house.mn
Doug Magnus (R) 296-5505 rep.doug.magnus@house.mn
Frank Moe (DFL) 296-5516 rep.frank.moe@house.mn
Dennis Ozment (R) 296-4306 rep.dennis.ozment@house.mn
Jeanne Poppe (DFL) 296-4193 rep.jeanne.poppe@house.mn
Brita Sailer (DFL) 296-4265 rep.brita.sailer@house.mn
Marty Seifert (R) 296-5374 rep.marty.seifert@house.mn
Anthony "Tony" Sertich (DFL) 296-0172 rep.tony.sertich@house.mn
Steve Smith (R) 296-9188 rep.steve.smith@house.mn
Steve Sviggum (R) 296-2273 rep.steve.sviggum@house.mn
Kathy Tingelstad (R) 296-5369 rep.kathy.tingelstad@house.mn
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