Is bait affecting habitat?

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Is bait affecting habitat?

Postby Trois_beaux_canards » Wed Jun 15, 2005 10:41 pm

Ron Schara: Is bait affecting habitat?
Ron Schara, Star Tribune
June 15, 2005 RON0615

It's said in Minnesota bait shops a thousand times a day:

"I'll have a scoop of fatheads."

A question: When we buy minnows -- and Minnesota is a huge supplier of fish bait-- are we subsidizing the destruction of duck habitat? Are fatheads competing with duck broods for food?

Judging by the uncrowded condition of Minnesota's duck skies in recent years, the duck broods are disappearing because of ... well, something.

Count me in as one who has long wondered if my thirst for fatheads had helped wreck the quality of wetlands for Minnesota ducks.

Toss a duck decoy into a North Dakota wetland and it would be covered on the bottom by freshwater shrimp (amphipods) that ducks crave. Toss the same decoy into a Minnesota wetland and ... nothing. Did the bait business boom blow out ducks?

Such a question was on my mind a few weeks ago when I spent a day with Mike Lint of the Minnesota Fish and Bait Farmers. Lint, of New London, Minn., raises suckers and walleyes in his hatchery and ponds. And he traps untold dozens of fatheads from natural wetlands.

"So are the fatheads eating all the shrimp?" I asked.

Lint leads me to a tank of fatheads that was crowded with freshwater shrimp.

"Here's your answer," he said. "The shrimp are so plentiful this year where we trap fatheads that they are plugging the funnels into the traps."

Lint who has trapped fatheads for two decades, said the popular baitfish occurs naturally. If fatheads were wrecking duck marshes, it would have happened long ago, he said. In fact, Lint added, the state's fathead population is historically low because of competition with other invasive fish.

Waterfowl research by the Northern Prairie Waterfowl Research Station has documented that fatheads in natural wetlands can have a "major influence" on reducing zooplankton and other invertebrates, which are of food value to ducks.

The fish vs. ducks issue, however, is complex.

Nicole Hansel-Welch, a DNR shallow lakes specialist, wouldn't advocate introducing fatheads into a fishless wetland. "But I think the fathead is an easy target. Other factors impacting waterfowl and water quality in wetlands are greater than fatheads."

Lint said he is convinced that bullheads, green sunfish and carp are the greatest destroyers of duck habitat, short of outright wetland drainage.

With Minnesota in the duck doldrums, do we still ask for a scoop? Is there more we need to know about fatheads and ducks? At the moment, the answers for anglers seem to be yes and yes.
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Postby recker » Thu Jun 16, 2005 6:37 am

You can slice it anyway you want. I used to hunt a slough in minnesota and is was loaded with shrimp 15 years ago and ducks all over. Now none of either. We hunt and fish in south dakota. When you come out of the water your waders are covered and I mean covered in shrimp. Maybe it is not bait fish but certainly it is something causing the problem.As usual in minnesota we address the problem way after the problem hits.
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Postby KO » Fri Jul 01, 2005 7:05 am

I'll be the first to admit that wetlands have always had fatheads in them. Today however 45,000+ acres of them are being used for rearing suckers...which by fisheries personnel are far worse than fatheads. Of course you can than combine this with millions of gallons of contanimated runoff via ditches and tiles.....its no wonder little can live in our wetlands....of course the legislature...especially the DFL obviously didnt think it important enough to pass dedicating funding or any of the other enviorment helping proposals......why does this not surprise me????
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Postby duckdog » Fri Jul 01, 2005 8:51 pm

Can freshwater shrimp be reintroduced to marshes, and sloughs? If so how would one go about it, I know what you guy's mean about the sky's bieng empty latley, IT SUCKS!!!
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