DNR education effort reaches every Minnesota middle school..

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DNR education effort reaches every Minnesota middle school..

Postby Trois_beaux_canards » Wed Jun 22, 2005 4:44 pm

DNR education effort reaches every Minnesota middle school (2005-06-21)
Hunters, anglers and other conservationists are applauding the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) mailing of education "gift packs" to every school in Minnesota beginning with more than 170 middle schools this spring.

The packs included videos, booklets and other tools for teachers and students, along with information about the DNR's natural resources education offerings.

"DNR's education programs are one of the main providers of natural resources education and outdoor experiences available to most Minnesotans," said Dawn Flinn, DNR Education Coordinator, who was one of the key organizers of this year's historic Education Showcase involving the state's conservation, ecological, fish and wildlife leaders.

The package contained videos on boat and water safety, hunting, a geology booklet, tree related activities and information, watershed poster, Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine and teachers' guide, Turn in Poachers activity book, plus additional resource listings and workshops. From teacher response, these items will reach more than 15,000 middle school students throughout the state.

"Natural resources education is important to developing an environmentally literate citizenry who is willing and capable of taking care of our natural resources now and into the future," Flinn said.

According to DNR Commissioner Gene Merriam, "Education is an important management tool. Making these materials available to all students is a step in the right direction for the future of natural resources. At the same time, we need to do more to go beyond the information to truly provide education that creates the next generation of environmentally-conscious consumers who are actively involved in and connected to Minnesota's world class natural resources."

For information, contact Dawn Flinn at dawn.flinn@dnr.state.mn.us.
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