Can someone please direct me to a MN Duckhunting BB...

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Can someone please direct me to a MN Duckhunting BB...

Postby vitaminE » Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:30 am

...that doesn't have a loud-mouthed Republican as a moderator??? GEEEEZ! Aren't there THOUSANDS of POLITICAL BB's for people to post their "views" upon? I sought out this Board because I'm a citizen of Minnesota and a FANATICAL duck hunter. I get out to the blind at least 50 times every fall from the Boundary Waters to Hubbard County and from North Dakota to Duluth and I feel that I could be a good source of information for some of the more inexperienced hunters out there. Yet every time I check the board I'm blasted with a bunch of mindless OT political CRAP. Most egregious is the repeated assertion that Republicans are somehow champions of the environment – this is the height of self-deluded idiocy! When, Mr. h2ofwlr, will you realize that few people are interested in your opinions about Minnesota's desolate political landscape. Do you really expect anyone to believe that if we all lay down and submit to the Republicans superior political intellect that our DUCKHUNTING will instantly improve? It must be comforting to live in such a simple, black and white world.
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Postby h2ofwlr » Wed Jul 06, 2005 4:07 pm

Off topic eh? Since when is posting about the lack of meaningful conservation reforms off topic when it directly effects waterfowl in MN? Will it bring instantainious results-no. But will it bring about long term results if the reforms are passed? Yes, and that is based on MO where they have conservation reforms in place for years and the the results of the reforms.

I have ? for you.

Were you at the Duck Rally in April?

Did you bother to to even send an email to your elected official regarding the reforms? Or call them?

Did you attend a hearing at the Captiol?

Did you take ANY action at all the change the status quo of our wowfully underfunded natural resources in MN?

I hope you did. :smile:

BTW I vote by the issue--and conservation is a big issue for me. Meaning I have voted for Dem candidates before. I am NOT a Rep party line voter at all! But I call it the way I see it. And those in the know, are quite aware of what Sen Johnson promised and what he delivered-which is 2 entirely night and day differences. I based my opinions about him on his inactions-not on what he said he would do.

And Yes I would be bitching if it was Republican leader who was stonewalling the conservation reforms in MN.

But as it is--it is it is mostly the Reps as of late trying to instill the reforms and the Dems blockading them. Do yourself and all of us a favor--the time it took to write the above topic you could have sent an email to the your beloved Dems and asked them to support the reforms. If you wrote once-write them again. As for egregarious, the the House which is controlled by the Rep have indeed passed the reforms and Gov Pawlenty said he would sign it. Yet the Sen which is controlled by the Dems has not passed any reforms at all. Do you really think that is a coincidence? Remember Sen Dean Johnson is the Majority leader there. I guess I caused a reaction in you, so how about funnelling it into action that would help the outdoors and others in MN?

And lastly if you really wanted to help the inexperienced hunters here, would't you have been occasionally posting up a topic or replying to a topic to be of help to them? But 7 months and not 1 reply here anywhere on DHC to help those you said you wanted to help. I sincerely hope you do take the time to help them

And lastly as it has been said elsewhere here--You have the power of choice of whether to read the topic or not. Whether to reply to a topic or not. If you do not like what I write becuase you feel it has political overtones to it--then please do not read it as with any topic by any member here. And as always, leave the personalities out of it, and debate the principles instead if you disagree with what is wrote.. :thumbsup:
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Postby Trois_beaux_canards » Wed Jul 06, 2005 4:56 pm

I am with h20 here, you don't have to read it if you don't agree with it. Furthermore, if we are not active in the political arena, our hunting opportunities will be even bleaker than they are currently. If a Dem can do it better than a Rep, there is no reason to not vote for them. But it is up to you (and the rest of us) to help make that choice.
As far as Moderators and their political leanings, if it is so important to you why don't you seek to become one.

Now a question for you; have you put this thread up on every MN forum?
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