Full Steam Ahead!!!

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Full Steam Ahead!!!

Postby h2ofwlr » Sat Jul 23, 2005 8:31 pm

I attended the semi-annual Minnesota Waterfowl Assoc meeting today in Farmington, MN. The great news is that the MWA is alive and in much better condition than what many thought.

The Chapter Delegates gave an unanimous vote to go full steam ahead with operations. $154,000 was raised during the pledge drive, along with another $60,000 for "Dirt Work" to be done that was contributed by the Schmidt Foundation. I think the Exec BOD may continue the pledge drive to raise even more $, that will be determined in a few days time though.

The bottom line is this---the mood of the meeting was the best I have seen in over 3 years time. A very positive atmosphere. A night and day difference compared to even 6 months ago. I think that with all past debts being paid off, and dirt work projects once again being planned for this fall has made a tremendous difference for the outlook of the volunteers who make up the MWA. Yes indeed, it sure feels good to get back to our mission, which is principally local projects by local Chapters.

So if you have been sitting on the fence on whether to be a MWA member, there is no need to wait any longer, we in business for the long haul and going full steam ahead. :thumbsup:

A couple of updates, there is one new EBOD member, and that is Bob Page from Maple Grove area, he is the new treasurer. Every position had multiple candidates, so the delegates had a choice on who to elect, and that is great to see too. And John Schoers is the new addition to the Delegate at Large, I know many of you know him from the Duck and Goose Callers Assn. I would be remiss in not acknowledging 2 outgoing EBOD members, these guys have given is excess of 400 hrs of each of their time each year serving on the EBOD of the MWA, they are Mike Hunziker and Terry Johnson

And the MWA is coming out with a revamped website in a couple of weeks time too, it should be a good website from the reports.

The MWA will continue to be the center piece of the Duck Rally this spring too. They all want to see the Clean Water Act, LCMR Reform, and Dedicated Funding (1/4 OF 1 % of the state sales tax) get enacted the next legislative session. Even a Ducks Unlimited field staff employee commented that the MWA does a very good job in lobbying the legislature that benefits ALL conservation minded people in MN. :thumbsup:

The MWA will be at Game Fair, look for them at Waterfowlers Hill. And please consider renewing, or rejoining, or being a first time member of the MWA.

They also have revamped their membership levels. $30 for a basic member and $100 to be a sponsor, that is it for the membership levels for 2005-2006. They want to keep it as simple as possible.

:getdown: So happy times are here again :getdown:
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