Fiberglass Boat

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Fiberglass Boat

Postby Ducknuts! » Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:37 pm

Hello, Just wanted to know what you all thought. I'm moving to Meridian Ms, and I have a 16' fiberglass and wood hull boat. I have had really good hunting in North Carolina in the rivers and mostly open water on lakes. My fear is that my boat won't hold up. It's a real good boat and has no leaks. But all i see is fellow hunters running over sticks and things in the swamps of the delta and Arkansas and this worrys me. Now I've been told that it will be ok and that I will have to re- surface the boat every year or so after the hunting season. I just dont want to be unsafe. If i have to I will trade it in and get a all weld or something with a thick aluminum hull. I have plenty of equipment to hunt with, deeks and gear. I would also be willing to carry a new hunting buddy around if they would be willing to show my some spots. I would be even willing to pay for gas and shotgun shells. This is a serious offer and a serious question that I would like your imput on. I'm a Active Duty Service member in the Navy and I love duck hunting. I'm moving to Mississippi because of the hunting. I'm leaving one hunting buddy behind in North Carolina and one moved to Washington State. I'm absolutly for real and would be willing to pay to get on the ducks. Hit me up and let me know if you would like to go on a hunt. Thanks.
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