MS Delta Ducks - Duck Report #4

Duck hunting in Mississippi is like no other. Learn why Mississippi Delta duck hunting is what we like to do best.

MS Delta Ducks - Duck Report #4

Postby MSDeltaDucks » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:38 am

The second weekend of duck season brought typical Mississippi Delta tropical December days. The temperature ranged from a low of 42 Degrees Fahrenheit at sunrise to 60 Degrees Fahrenheit. When hunters are putting out decoys in short pants, and the mosquitoes are creating more buzz than the teal, it is not a good omen. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, groups had a good time. One of the new groups discovered Webster's (a local restaurant and watering hole) on Friday night and enjoyed the local hospitality. Steve from the Middle Georgia Quack Smackers shot his first teal while hunting with field staffer, Britt Goodman. He can check that species off his MS Delta Grand Slam list. The Duck Dusters brought along the wife and fiance. According to Garrett, the ladies were as hardcore as the guys. To quote Garrett, "Gotta find me one like that," and he wasn't talking about the Labrador. One of the fun species to hunt this season has been the specks. Garrett's hunt with the Waterfowl Widowmakers on Sunday, developed into a speck hunt. According to the Senior Field Staffer, "We were amazed watching the specks come from so high, cupping all the way to the decoys." If anyone is wondering, specks are great on the table. Comparing previous seasons, the season hunt program hunters have bagged 227 more waterfowl than in 2010-11 and 71 less than in 2011-12 (when there were more hunters in the blinds than this year).

The second week's duck harvest was 226, bringing the total number of ducks harvested this season to 887.
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