I haven't been duck hunting since college

Duck hunting in Mississippi is like no other. Learn why Mississippi Delta duck hunting is what we like to do best.

I haven't been duck hunting since college

Postby Rfjeff9 » Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:47 pm

But I am getting back into it, now that the kids are old enough to start hunting/fishing. My dad is too old to fish anymore, so he is giving me his johnboat and motor w/trailer. And the guns.

So I have lurked a bit and am astonished about how different it is done here or now than south Georgia growing up. Back when I went, we would put in at one spot of the river and float down all day to another ramp shooting at ducks and the occasional squirrel along the way. Even nailed a deer once. Anyway, we never did the duck blind thing and to be honest, we didn't know anyone else that did it either. There were no WMAs, just a river with public ramps. Oh, we had a few ponds off the side of the river we knew were hot spots for them to show up in the early daylight hours. But there were no fees or regulations. Just show up.

I think I have a handle on how it is done now, so I am looking forward to next fall. Once I have a MS license, I will get the kids some practice at Turcotte or similar and then maybe take a few trips to some WMAs to get an idea of what's what. Looking at Caney Creek, Pearl River, Bienville, and Nanih Wahya to start. I understand the Delta area is better, but not sure where to go and it's a bit further for us. Has anyone had any luck with the 4 I mentioned? Much ducks?

Looks to be a fun year, and I hope to be able to brag in the fall. :hi:
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Re: I haven't been duck hunting since college

Postby Park Duck » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:31 am

Head to Askew see thread below
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