East side Mississippi river hunters

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East side Mississippi river hunters

Postby SKDuckhunt » Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:25 pm

The MDC is considering allowing the blind owner to either Build a permanent (2 years) blind, a floating, boat or Pontoon blind or just a temporary blind if that fits the situation...No more inspections, lost blinds or lottery days at a High school or convention center.. all lottery drawing done on line...

This is not the way I want to regs to go... If you go to jump a blind and its has been pulled by the owner it will restrict hunters ability to get out...If you draw an island blind, Temprary or wade and shoot is fine with me. If you spend the time and money to build a blind and the Yahoo ( sorry, Yahoo) in the next blind want to hunt out of his purple and pink fiberglass boat, he would be allowed by this ruling...

I would rather them pull all restrictions and say blinds( hunting locations) must be 300 yards apart.

the MDC feeling is the cost of hall rental, inspection and redraw would be saved, But I only see it as them ruining public hunting in the three restricted pools on the mississippi river.

The MDC has a survey without comment page at

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