How are your waterfowl numbers?

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Postby Cobra » Sat Nov 13, 2004 4:53 pm

Still no flight birds and the locals are staying in town. Honkers everywhere. :thumbsdown: :help: :pissed:
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Postby cast-n-blast » Sun Nov 14, 2004 5:53 pm

Better than average #'s here in CO. Has everything to do with coming out of the drought we've been in for the past few years. Lots of malards, teal, and a suprising # of pintails. I've shot more pintails this year than any other year! I shot a beautiful bull two weeks ago that I'm going to get mounted. Too bad that today was the last day for pintails or canvasbacks in the Central flyway. :thumbsdown: If you hunt the Pacific flyway, you have until Dec. 17th. :thumbsup:
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Postby marsh1buster » Mon Nov 15, 2004 11:08 am

We've seen more pintail this year than ever, a few mallards, wigeon & teal, a lot of gray's. Opening morning that's all we shot, gray's. Yesterday I shot a dos gris, first one ever on the lease. We mostly shoot those on or around the lake (pontchatrain). ... rerid=6847
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Texas birds

Postby TXbayhunter » Tue Nov 16, 2004 9:18 am

Well early teal season was slow down here but it was hot all nine days. All the big birds finally made it down this way the week before opening weekend, but hunting was great opening weekend, limits every morning so far. Mostly mottle ducks, gadwall, teal, and spoonbills. It is varying from morning to morning on what we are shooting. Got three bands opening weekend between our group.
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Postby Snaph » Tue Nov 16, 2004 8:44 pm

The low number of ducks is all my fault. If this was not my first year hunting ducks they would be landing on your shotgun barrels and making a nest. We cant get a bad weather day for nothing. We have a ton (ignore what i just said about having a low number of ducks) of bluebills but, they just sit in the middle of the bay, float around diving, having a party and line dancing on the water...stupid ducks.

I did get a (male) bufflehead. What a good looking duck. Now it is a dog toy. If I could just get my yellow pup to bring it back to me instead of licking it across the floor... I have a lot of work to do.

If you guys down south are wondering where the mallards are...they are still being fed stale bread crumbs by preschoolers at the public dock up here. The kids freak out when we blast them in the water from breakwalls. I'm kidding...I'm kidding...I'm Kidding. But I thought about it.
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Postby mallardhunter » Tue Nov 16, 2004 10:50 pm

I think the duck number is going down around here...because I am shooting too many. :laughing:
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Postby duckplucker » Wed Nov 17, 2004 8:18 pm

More and more traveling through. Like yellow said, every time it gets cold for a day or 2, they seem to be thicker! Cant wait for the Thanksgiving Break from school! :thumbsup:
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