what is your weirdest encounter while hunting?

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what is your weirdest encounter while hunting?

Postby duckindude » Sat Apr 22, 2006 6:38 pm

what is your weirdest encounter while hunting?

well mine is when i was out on lake erie leaning against a tree on shore watching for birds, i decided to turn around and almost crapped myself when i saw a coon 3 feet from me, we were gonna take it but we decided not to.

how about you guys?
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Postby dukkilr6 » Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:10 pm

I was hunting with a friend and he found a salamander. He started playing with it and then held his mouth open and acted like he was going to eat the thing..... Yep, it took a huge dump right in his mouth!! This buddy of mine is about as smart as what was just shot down the back of his throat and the only thing he could think of to say was " Well I'm damn lucky it wasn't an eagle, have you ever seen one of those things take a crap". Needless to say we havent gone a day in the last 5 years without reminding him of this little incident. Well not the weirdest thing I've seen but one of the funniest.
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Postby h2ofwlr » Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:30 pm

Many years ago when I was deer hunting I had shot a buck broadside at 15yds and then it ran directly towards me (I was behind a Crab apple tree)and it actually hit my barrel as it went by--I shot it again at 12' away in the head as it was going away. Frankly I do not think it knew I was even there. Sure was bit unexpected though as it squirted blood all over my pants as it went by.

Another time I was fishing for Walleyes on a trail bridge over a creek in the evening and had the lantern on. Anyways, I heard a noise and looked over my shoulder, and Mr (or was it a Mrs?) Skunk was waddling towards me and walked 3' away from me and then took off with the tail up once it smelt me. I was damned lucky I did not get sprayed.
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Postby 2 tollers » Sat Apr 22, 2006 8:20 pm

I have had a few:
Having a coyote seek in and jump one of my goose decoys - pretty funny to watch him take off after the plastic rolled over.

Several times while in a tree stand bowhunting I have owls land within touching distance and look me over.

Deer hunting in deep snow following a cattle trail in a pasture and turn a corner to have a badger face me down snarling because I was on his trail.

Shooting a goose have it glide out about 100yds and fold up. Get up and leave the gun behind to go pick it up. About 1/2 way out a coyote comes running in and picks the goose up and gone. Buddy laughing back at the blind.

Watching through a spotting scope 2 guys chase antelope across the prairie in their truck - going as fast as they can with the truck going up and down and all over. Canopy flies open and gear starts to come out. Left a trail of work boots, thermos, sleeping bag etc. That night in comes the 2 guys we were meeting come to the motel and told them the story - they turned red and admitted it was them and wondered if we could take them back to the spot so they could get their gear.

Out on a camping / fishing trip with my wife - evening is real hot - over 80F. She takes the lawn chair out, gets out of the camper and pulls a sleeping bag out and decides to sleep out side with the dogs. I hear noises and her saying reall quite but urgent no - stay, stay - ughhhhhh - go to the back door and look out at a family of shunks walking around her and the dogs watching the skunks - I then told her there were also snakes in the area and went back to bed. :laughing:
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Postby Boomn4x4 » Sat Apr 22, 2006 8:26 pm

Other than the usual falls in the water. My brother-in-law and I looked to the sky for about ten minutes to find the honking goose that was circling over head until we realized that it had landed in the middle of our spread and was standing there looking at us. We were the last two things that goose ever saw
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Postby mallardman77 » Sat Apr 22, 2006 9:17 pm

not really weird, but funny as hell:

We were hunting a grain field one day and I had shot a mallard stone dead...or so I thought. I went and picked up this mallard out of the field and put it down beside my blind. It started flopping around a little bit so I grabbed it and wrung it's neck and again, I thought it was dead. About 5 mins later, it sterted flopping around again, so I smashed it's head on the stock of my shotgun...it was dead this time. We were drinking pretty heave the night before and I had about 5 or six birds for my limit that day and I started to fall asleep in my blind. I was sleeping for a couple of mins and all of a sudden, this mallard jumps up and satars quacking about as loud as it possibly could( this bird is laying about 2 feet from my head) Because I was asleep, I probably jumped a few feet in the air, filled my underwear and nearly had a heart attack. I still haven't lived that day down with my huntin partners!!

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Postby side-slippin » Sun Apr 23, 2006 12:18 am

back when i lived in tx, my deer lease was in a small town in west tx called bracketville. bout an hour east of del rio. so its right next to the boader right? well it wasnt to unusual to find a can of beans or a make shift bed, or even a big turd in my blinds. well one morning i was creepin up to one of my blinds and heard something that sounded like someone snoring. sure as hell, i had two fellows( edited by Moderator ) pasted out in the blind that i planned on hunting that morning. cant go into detail of my first thoughts of what to do, but i did quietly back out of there, went to town and got a cop to come get them off my lease. you should have seem the faces on them. one of them had a .45 on him too.
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Postby duckplucker » Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:21 am

I was dove hunting one time, with my brother and a few cousins of mine. We were in the field and a group of birds come in and we light em up. When we get to pick up all the birds, one isn't dead, just stiiting there witha broken with and magled legs. the point of the story is that my cousin, instead of pulling its head off or wringing its neck, puts teh head in his mouth, and bites it off... wow that was funny.
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Postby choclab » Sun Apr 23, 2006 11:20 am

I had a coyote try and jump my duck dekes once. I first saw him about 300 yards down the creek. Every so often he would look down the creek at the dekes. He kept getting closer and closer, until he was about 12 yards infront of the creek. He started to get ready to pounce.....till I sent some T-shot through him.

Last week I was fishing a pond. I was jumping from little island to little island. I was looking at the water in front of when when I just happened to look down. About 2 feet in front of me was the biggest beaver I have ever seen. I dropped my rod and jumped about ten feet in the air. Turns out the little bugger was dead. So.....I got the crap scared out of me by a dead beaver.
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Postby marcbme » Sun Apr 23, 2006 12:13 pm

After a day of duck hunting I put my birds in my tool box like I usually do and headed down the road. When we got to my buddies house I opened the tool box so he could get his gun/gear when BOOM! a very healthy and energetic mallard drake jumped out and started running down the drive way. Once we were done squeelin' like girls, one shot put the bird down in the driveway. He had a broken wing and the shock must've put his lights out for a while.

Another time while bank fishing I tossed a carp up the bank from us to feed the local wildlife. We watched as a squirrel tried his best to wrastle that fish to a safe spot. Suddenly a red wing hawk swooped down to steal the fish. We thought "cool for the hawk, he gets a double!"....how wrong we were, the squirrel accually fought the hawk for the prize and WON! All this happened not 20 feet up the bank from us. Very Cool! :thumbsup:
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Postby 870 » Sun Apr 23, 2006 12:25 pm

Mine was one morning when I was hunting a sand bar in my layout next to a downed tree. I had an off shore wind, the conditions were perfect to hunt that sand bar. After I set the decoys I settled down in the layout and waited for sun up.

I heard some sounds coming from the shore behind me. It’s not uncommon to hear noises coming from the shore, so I didn’t think too much about it. Then I hear this sniffing sound coming from just behind my head. I turn my head and I’m face to face with a doe and her two fawns. I screamed like a girl, she snorted and stomped and they were gone.

After sitting there so as to let my heart calm down. I realized that I went from lying on my back to lying on my stomach. I did a complete roll over and didn’t even know it. I honestly thought “that was weird”. I was also glad no one was there to see it. :thumbsup:
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Postby duckindude » Mon Apr 24, 2006 4:48 am

I also remember having coots attack our decoys one time when they went swimming through,also one time i called at a group of bluebills a ways away, they were going into land with live decoys, this one broke off and came straight for us, it still come in after throwing down one side of the blind and not getting a shot off then the other side of the blind and it still came diving in, after two shots it had not flared and on the third it was it, a pretty dumb duck
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Postby CLUTCHfan » Mon Apr 24, 2006 7:55 am

Me, my buddy, and his younger brother went out woodchuck hunting. We're walking across this field, and we see the grass we're walking through move. We all spred out and start walking in a circle to see what it was. All of the sudden I see my buddy's eyes get real big, as big as saucers, and he stops and grab his pants about two inches below the crotch. He' says that there's something in his pants, and then starts trying to take them off with one hand, while still holding onto it with the other. His brother and I just stood there laughing, and making jokes about shooting it for him, the whole time. A field mouse ran up his pant leg, and he got ahold of it just in time.
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Postby goosetalk » Mon Apr 24, 2006 1:31 pm

I was turkey hunt'n a couple of years ago. I made it to my blind, which was piled up logs and sticks. There was a bush next to me to help hide me. Well, lets just say that i heard a growl and then the bush started to shake until a coon jumped out of it and ran up the tree i was leaning against. I let out a yell/scream which caused one gobbler to shock gobble. the stand off lasted about 3 min. before the coon ran down the tree and out of sight
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Postby Oregon Honker » Mon Apr 24, 2006 8:19 pm

I was Elk hunting and i had went to sleep under a tree and i woke up to a cougar about 15 yards from me
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Postby maddiedog » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:27 pm

It was late season and there was ice everywhere. We jumped in the canoe and busted a hole and set some dekes. Right a shooting hours a pair of mallards come in on my side. I pull up and drop them both. The drake hits and goes running across the ice. My buddy pulls up and shoots it three times. It is just laying there so we let it be. We shoot some more ducks so we decide to paddle out and get them. When he goes for the drake it is gone but there is a blood trail. So here we are tracking a DUCK!!! He gets out on a little island and hears it thrashing around. He goes to grab it and falls in a hole up to his elbows. All I could see was his gun barrel. So he finally gets to the duck. He spins it around to snap his neck. We go and pick up the rest of them. I put it down next to me and about 20 minutes later I shoot another one. I go out to get it and come back and the drake is gone. I thought my buddies were playing a joke on me so I kind of played it off. Finally I looked down and it is swimming away!! So we shoot at it again. It dives under the ice and starts swimming away. We chased it down and I grabbed it and smacked it's head against the canoe. It was kind of freaky how much that thing took!!!

I saw an owl take out a squirrel out bow hunting. That was the best.
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Postby LA.Call'emClose » Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:22 am

Me and a friend are duck hunting in a buttonwood slough and are standing in mud abd water about three feet deep. We start to realize that some of our mallard decoys are getting pulled fully underwater then are popping up a second later. Finally a big river otter jumps up on the backs of one of the decoys and looks around. It must have been pretty frusterated and confused. Big otter, probably about 4 feet in length.
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Postby thaner » Wed Apr 26, 2006 1:58 pm

I have a few

A long time ago on a nice sunny day I was deer hunting on the sunny side of a hill. It was several days into the season and I was really tired out. I stretched out and took a nap. When I woke I had a squire sitting on my chest looking into my face from about 4" away. I an not sure who was more shocked when I opened my eyes. The squire had a stunned expression and I think he shouted as loud or louder than me.

About 10-years ago we were out setting decoys before first light when all of a sudden we noticed a bright light so we looked up and there was a huge burning hunk of space junk coming down. We watched it for some time as it came in and looked to have impacted. I thought it was going to drop in the lake. I don't know how far away it was or how big but it didn't look like a shooting star it looked like a burning plane from not so far away. You could actually see it on fire. I never heard anything in the news about it so I assume it was and asteroid or space junk.

On morning feed hunting geese we are setting there and a coyote runs right up to our blind, sees us and then bolts. About 15 minutes later a fox does the same thing. We were wondering what was going on. Then my friend or I , can't remember which now, says "what’s the noise". Our third guy had his hearing aid up to loud and it was calling in predators.

Here is a couple from this year.

One day I was bow hunting and two foxes came in and one posted down a fence line while the other hit the briars under me. The one under me flushed a rabbit and it ran to the other fox and they got it tag team style. I had never seen anything like it.

Another day I was out bow hunting and watching a squire in a tree above me when all of a sudden two red tails have a mid air collision trying to both catch the squirrel. Everyone survived the wreck.

Two days ago

I am out turkey hunting and it's time to pack up for the night so I'm getting things put away while I am setting there against a tree when all of a sudden here comes a tom right at me. He is followed by 12-14 more toms. At the same time four deer pull up. Everyone gathers all within about and area of less than 20 feet in front and on both sides of me with a deer within 10' and a huge tom within about 5'. Then a very tinny bunny hops up to my knee and sets in by back pack. It was 45 minutes before everyone cleared out enough so I could move a little. I don't even care if I get a turkey now. That was worth the whole season. I don’t think I ever will see that again.
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Postby Duck Crazy » Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:58 pm

on the way to the blind pre-season, going to fix it up, you gotta understang, this is down in louisiana down in the marshes, so we're goin by boat, and look over and look there's a fishin cork floatin' and as we pass it by it shoots underwater, first thing we were thinking was, there has to be a big red on that line. so we turn around and make pass after pass with someone on the front trying to grab the line, but everytime we get close it zooms under. so after 30 mins. we give up, go fix up our blind come back and looks theres that cork still there, so what the hell lets give it a try, and on the third pass my dad snatches it, starts pullin it up, he swings it over the side and its a HUGE aligator gar. he starts yellin, get that out the boat, get that out the boat, it was halarious
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Postby Marshwalker » Thu Apr 27, 2006 8:27 pm

probably not weird but scary. out walking into our marsh and felt somthing while wading out. i kept stomping on it and then i felt the gator start flipping all around and take off. its happened to me more than once... :umm:
About to pick up my decoys after teal season and there are two 6-7 footers having themselves a time in my decoys. took me a while to get out there. :hammering:
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Postby Marshwalker » Thu Apr 27, 2006 8:29 pm

ha i like all the louisiana post. some damn weird things happen down here.. :umm:

but i love it.
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- Acts 10:13

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