Off to Texas

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Off to Texas

Postby Giv'em3 » Fri Dec 24, 2004 12:49 am

Well boys I leave in the morning for a week hunt in texas. Hope things aren't froze up when we get there. Ya'll boys in Tennesse, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas keep an eye out for my caravan heading west. We will be easy pickout, we are loaded down with 14' john boat, 13' trailer, fourwheeler, 29 dozen goose shells, 7 dozen duck decks, 9 guns, 8 cases of shells, and seven rednecks wearing camoflage. We also have an enclosed trailer carrying 60 bigfeet and seven laydown blinds. We look like a bunch of gypsies.(sp?) :thumbsup:
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Postby SCoutdoorsman » Fri Dec 24, 2004 3:21 am

Have fun let us know how it went when you get back you lucky dog.
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Postby texas_quackwakker » Fri Dec 24, 2004 7:36 am

Just wanted to say...

WELCOME TO TEXAS!! :welcome:
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