Game: Free Food Horse Races

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Game: Free Food Horse Races

Postby whistlin_wings » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:40 pm

What You’ll Need: Half a dozen donuts, degenerate gamblers, overweight coworkers

How To Play: This is essentially the same as attending a Kentucky Derby party, but only if it were a race for morbidly obese horses. Bring in a couple donuts and place them in the break room. The opening bell is an office-wide email saying “Leftover donuts in the break room.” Get a couple of friends together and place bets on who will get there first (varying odds based on weight, distance from break room, and prior winning streak). Even though you’re not in a fault zone, a small earthquake will register as the once-penned cattle are released towards the kitchen. The one downside of this contest is, unlike Barbaro, if a contestant breaks his/her leg, they won’t get euthanized.

Typical Odds
7/1: Coworker coming off bunion surgery
2/1: Anyone in a motorized wheelchair
4/1: Weighs greater than 300 pounds (though they may fit into the wheelchair odds)
1/1: Secretaries
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