If your boss gave you a lay off and says he needs you...

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Re: If your boss gave you a lay off and says he needs you...

Postby La. Hunter » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:12 am

That end might be more stable because they have to have electricians around even after the drilling phase is over to maintain the compressors, plants, etc. When I started in the industry back in 95, I was given some valuable advice and that was to put money up as fast as I could and try to keep at least a years salary in the bank. I didn't think I'd have anything to worry about, but from October 28, 1998 to September 6, 1999 I was without work in the business. That whole time I thought about what my dad told me about putting some money aside because the $100 bills don't come so easy when you don't have a job. I learned my lesson on that layoff because I had to go to work at the local paper mill carton plant to make ends meet.
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Re: If your boss gave you a lay off and says he needs you...

Postby wanapasaki » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:20 am

Yeah I remember those days myself. Hopefully I can avoid them. I remember the only job I had through a payroll system was cleaning kennels at a local veterinary hospital, which helped me get through school after I got out of the military. That, the GI Bill and farrier work I had going kept the bill collectors at bay and allowed me a little breathing space. Now that I have a mortgage and a family, it's a whole different story. I know I won't be getting too far on unemployment but the VA pays me a check every month so hopefully those factors will hold me over till the tide changes. Glad to hear that the electrician work may prove to be more consistent. Just trying to weigh my options right now. I have had a few solid offers but I'm trying to avoid my present situation ever again. Thanks for the insight LA it's always appreciated!
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