Springfield XDS recall and resolution

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Springfield XDS recall and resolution

Postby OmegaRed » Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:27 am

For those of you that don't know, Springfield recalled all of their XDS pistols. The first urged everyone to ship them back and presented free shipping through FEDEX. However big of a PITA it was, most complied and went without their CC pistol. At time of shipment, estimated time of return was 4-6 weeks.

Fast forward: about 6 week mark (for me), I start receiving emails from Springfield, one of which says something to the tune of "we have almost completely testing for our solution". I thought to myself, I must have read that wrong. After rereading, I thought, "They freakin' recalled these without having a solution!?" How long was this going to take to manufacture and install on XXXXXX amount of pistols?

To add injury to insult, I kept getting their update emails (which didn't really update anything besides "we are working on getting your stuff back to you"). You could opt out of these if you really wanted to, but I was hoping that eventually it would have some tiny tidbit of useful information regarding the return date.

Last night, I finally got the email I've been waiting for - a tracking number. So all in all, it took 10 weeks for me to get my pistol back. On the invoice slip, they are including a 7rd mag free for compensation (which had an original value of around $45). This does make me happy, especially considering I was expecting nothing or something like a useless hat or shirt.

Not that I'm going to pursue this any further, short of writing a letter, but was curious as to whether you would be content with how this was handled?

I love the gun and own other Springfield products, but have lost a little faith in the typical "What CC gun should I get?" question that we often get asked.
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Re: Springfield XDS recall and resolution

Postby SPatrick » Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:35 am

I have not sent mine in yet, just because it was seeming to take forever to get back. I haven't been shooting frequently, mainly because I shoot more in the spring when I am not hunting, doing club repairs, calling contests, shows etc. Basically I shoot to pass the time. I also cant CC most of the time because of work, so I chose to wait to send it in, until the problem was fixed. I personally would be pretty satisfied with a 7 rd mag, but at the same time, this shouldn't happen at all. Honestly I was hoping they would offer a buy back and I would then upgrade to a 1911 :lol3:
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