When was the last time you got checked by a warden?

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Re: When was the last time you got checked by a warden?

Postby bass3859 » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:04 pm

A hunting partner and I got checked by 2 feds after dove hunting several years ago. We popped out of the tree line from a field to find one of them "taking care of business". After he finished and packed himself up, over they came. Mr. Whizzer asked me for my shotgun and 3 shells. He proceeds to load all 3 shells into the magazine of my shotgun, and my heart skipped a few beats. Now mind you, that 3rd shell just barely went in, so he asks me if I duck hunt. You bet I do, and was digging for my previous year license with duck stamps. He says thanks and hands my gun back. My plug was long enough for only 2 3 inch shells, but obviously not long enough for only 2 2 3/4" shells. Needless to say, I made a new plug.

I was a police officer at the time. Would it have been bad to tell Mr. Whizzer that if you cite me for being able to carry more than 3 shells in my gun, I an gonna cite you for peeing in public? Cause I was sure thinking it.
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