Bahama Duck Report.

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Bahama Duck Report.

Postby Snaph » Thu Mar 03, 2005 10:16 pm

Yep, I am back and have bad news...I saw no ducks in the Bahama's. I never made it to the swamps and all that so I can't say that there are none. I saw a few ducks in Port Canaveral. Cormorans (SP?) all over. I think I saw a few Buffleheads sitting in the ponds on the bus ride back to the airport. And I saw a few more ducks I could not make out. (In FL)

I talked my wife into going bottom fishing in Freeport (Bahamas) I got shunked...she caught a nice snapper. She loved it and wants to go fishing with me now. So I think that is a good thing. We had a good time but it was a lot of work going through security all over the place, airport layovers. Lines, too many dog gone kids onboard.

But the good points/bad points
1. Service was great./ The food was just "OK."
2. The beer was cold./ $3.25 for a can of beer is outrageous.
3. The Hard Rock Cafe in Nassau./ The two guys I saw sharing an Ice cream sundae out of the same bowl. EEEKKKKKK!!!!
4. The sun when we had it./ the freaking rain for the first two days.
5. The island called "Blue Lagoon."/ my sunburn.
6. The onboard entertainment./ Most of it was corny and lame to me.
7. Meeting good people./ Meeting people that sat at your dinner table that are braggarts and obnoxious.
8.The wildlife./ No ducks.
9. I found a Philippine food joint. (I love lumpia)/ I had to fight my way through locals offering me dope to get there.
10. Being back on the ocean. I am ex-navy and it was great to be back out there./ Morons that complain that the ship is "rolling too much" in rough seas.
11. Even though it only made it to about 74 deg, the weather was warm to me./ The people from FL (on the cruise) crying about how cold it was.

Well that is all I can post for now. I will try and figure how to post that pic of the snapper my wife caught.
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Postby shrpshtr » Fri Mar 04, 2005 9:17 am

sounds like a decent time overall. glad to hear of your wife's success fishing. did you get to keep the snapper? dat's some good fis'. :laughing:
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Postby SCoutdoorsman » Fri Mar 04, 2005 11:28 am

Glad your back and had a decent time :thumbsup:
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Postby Snaph » Fri Mar 04, 2005 11:42 am

No the guys running the boat took all the fish that everybody caught (about 20 of us), scailed and gutted the fish right there and tossed them into a cooler. I don't know if they kept them or sold the fish to a local restaurant. While we where talking to the guys running the boat, we found out they only make about 4 bucks an hour. So if they keep them...have at it. I'd say the took back about 70 fish or so. Like I said...I was of no help.
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