What is the worst thing that ever happened during huntiing

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Postby chrispbrown27 » Mon Oct 10, 2005 12:31 am

Can't say I've had any truly dangerous things happen, a few that make me get a little nervous, and of course a few times where I had to run to the hills to heed the call of nature and my buddy shot em up in my absence (and of course he had a video camera with him so its all on tape).
But I'll never forget this one. Last year, last Sunday of season (for some reason they decided to close it on a Tuesday last year). Me and a buddy who I had never hunted with before decide to give it a go. Now neither of us had hunted this area, but both of us had fished the area and I had scouted the area many times, but from land. So we load up the boat and head out. I had stood in this field and looked straight across at the boat ramp from this field I wanted to hunt many times and it was maybe 200 yards away, straight across. So we motor roughly 200 yards and no field. So of course I'm takin a ribbin for not knowin where I'm going. We run around, up and down the shore at least 20 times and still nothing. So I decide to just bury the boat in some brush on an island and hunt first light then try to find the field. So first light comes and low and behold we had found my field. It was 3 feet underneath us! The lake was WAY high and had completely covered my field. The worst part was that if we had gone in by land we could have hunted the small section of the field that doesn't go out into the lake and somewhere near 20 geese swung it a few passes as we sat out in the water and watched. Oh well, this year I got it down and opening morning I'll be there!!!
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Postby openwaterhunter » Mon Oct 10, 2005 6:44 am

I mostly hunt by myself so I always try not to take big risks but alot of times trouble finds me. Slipped and fell on a deserted boat ramp when I pulled my trailer up to brake my boat loose from it's rails. Landed on the back of my neck and head when I came too it was breaking day light. Still hunted with a bad head ache though.

Another time in my 18 foot polar craft duck boat I had to pull a 16 foot boat with both of us loaded down with gear and hunters, dogs and guns 1 mile is 6 foot swells up wind in the dark to saftey. I bearly seen them when I was picking up my last dek right at dark. They were drifting backwards in that stuff and when I came out of the sheltered cove I was hunting I wasn't sure I could even catch em but I did. I rode the ways up and my bow would stay risen as my stern went down the way. I was scared the wind would finally catch my boat and it would be over but somehow we all made it back safely.
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Postby CLUTCHfan » Mon Oct 10, 2005 6:44 am

Not as exciting as some posts but here's mine. Last year, end of november, me and my buddy are hunting this river. We're in a canoe and the winds blowing REAL heavy out of the north. We finish hunting and are paddling up current into the wind and we get to the spot where we put in. Instead of coming in and parallel parking next to shore, or running the front end up on shore straight on like usual, we hit shore at an angle and the keel sits right up on this rock. The canoe starts listing real bad and we finally get it to stop when the gunwhale is about a half inch out of the water. We're both leaning to the left and then his gun slides in the canoe. He grabs it and jumps out hard, and since I'm in the back over about eight feet of water I end up in the drink. I had all my stuff secured, but accidentally left my change of clothes on the porch at home. The water was 40 degrees.
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