Moving to Polar Bluff

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Moving to Polar Bluff

Postby CUTemDOWN » Thu Jul 13, 2006 8:49 pm

I'll be moving to Poplar Bluff probably around next April. I was just wondering if anyone could fill me in on the area at all. I'm going to get a boat when I get there. I'm looking at a 16ft boat but was curious if in this area of the state I needed a mud motor? I would probably get a 25horse hyper drive if I need one or a 40 horse outboard if not. Any info on the area would be appreciated. Thanks
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Postby DJH1 » Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:04 pm

Poplar Bluff is close to both Otter Slough and Duck Creek Conservation Areas, both of which are in Stoddard County i believe. If your like me (hunting public land alot) this is a very good thing. Otter Slough is known to be very productive as far as public hunting goes.

Around Poplar Bluff, you probably wont need a mud motor in those hills, but I havent hunted over there. If you move farther east toward where I live the mud motor could definetely come in handy, but like I said you probably wont need it around PB. Dont know if the duck hunting is very good in Butler Co (Poplar Bluff), but I do know rice fields are moving farther and farther west in SE Missouri and I know there are some in Butler Co. They may be a good bet if you can get in on hunting them.

Thats about all I've got b/c Stoddard Co is as far west as I usually go. Good Luck, and if you have any more questions I may be able to give you more info.
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