Most Memorable Hunt

Duck hunting in Missouri topics of discussion are found here. Also MO is becoming one of the top Snow goose hunting destinations.

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Most Memorable Hunt

Postby ItFliesItDies05 » Sun Oct 15, 2006 8:47 pm

Well opening day is coming soon and I am pumped already got my stuff ready to go!!! But I would like to know all yous guys's most memorable hunts!! From your first hunt when you were a kid or even last years opening day hunt !!

Mine would have to have been last year around in December at Grand Pass. We drew pill numer 42 or somtin real crappy like that so the day didnt start off to great. It was just me and my old man. We eneded up gettin Wellhead a pool of flooded corn on the northside of Grand Pass. We got out there its was probly -5 outside and we walk out to the pool and proly a good thousand ducks get up from the pool and are blood gets to pumping!! We wait til we can see then we get to the pool to find ice covering about 80% of the pool. So we see a little open water out by some corn about 50-75 yards away from the bank. So we spend probly a good hour breakin ice with the water up to our knees and every step of the way having to step over it with decoys over are back and cursing every step of the way to get to the opening and end up gettin are limit of mallards. One of the greatest hunts of my life. It was great spending time with my old man tht day !! Wouldnt trade it for anything in the world!!! It was all worth it !!
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Postby pappy » Sun Oct 15, 2006 10:11 pm

this isn't gonna sound like much of a duck hunt to most of you guys but for me it was incredible.

i was hunting on wilson lake in kansas last year and the temps were in the low single digits. they had been in a drought for a good while out that way and the shoreline was bare of vegetation where the water had receeded. in other words nowhere to hide. i found a large rock pile near the waters edge and piled brush on top of it to make a blind. the wind was howling about 30 miles an hour and had kept the water open in a part of the lake known as hell creek.

i began to place my decoys when i noticed my dog gracie lou was nowhere to be found (she normally stays right by my side). in the twilight something caught my eye about 40 yards off shore. gracie lou had decieded to take a swim out to a sand bar. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i called her back in and just as we got in place a couple of red heds buzzed the decoys just as i poured a cup of coffee.

as the sun came up one lone hen mallard landed right in the deeks and swam around right in front of me. i watched her for a while and had to stand up to stretch my legs she rose and flew away.

the wind began to die and ice began to form and spread from the back of the cove toward my deeks. about 15 mallards came in behind me and i hit the call a lick a got them to circle twice before they landed in some coots on the other side of the cove. i picked up the whistle and made a widgeon call and one lone mallard came off the water and flew right at me. about 15 yards out i hit him with some number 4 heavy shot and stoped him dead nearly taking his head clean off. gracie lou my 3 year old chocolate lab hit the water with a fast retrieve.

i sat there for about 2 hours and the ice had progessed all around me except fpr the hole right around the decoys that i had tried to keep busted.

i was about to pack it in when one lone red head passed right by me. i stood up and killed him dead. (that heavy shot is some good stuff). he hit the ice and began to slide until he hit open water and he tumbled a few times and came to rest.

now for the incredible part of the hunt......when i sent gracie lou she bolted from the rock pile and started across the ice, slipped and fell, got back up and continued until falling through the ice. she would try to pull herself back onto the ice and it would collapse and she would do it over and over again breaking ice all the way to open water and the a short swim to the bird. coming back to me she took a diffent route and had to repeat the ice breaking process untill the ice was sturdy enough to support her weight..

upon recieving that bird i packed up my stuff headed back in and gracie lou lay in my front seat exausted. the next day gracie lou had two cuts on her feet and was kinda stove up and i decieded i would come home.(things were freeezing up tight) it wasn't until about mid ways of that drive that i realized that i had witnessed the greatest retrieve that i would ever see and for the rest of my life it will be my most memorable hunt.

good huntin :thumbsup:

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Postby pappy » Sun Oct 15, 2006 10:20 pm

one small sidenote......

gracie lou sleeps in the house. if you run with the big dogs you get to sleep in the house. :mrgreen:

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Postby H20fwlkillr » Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:24 am

About 3 years ago the duck hunting hadn't been that good at my pond. My nephews were coming over for their first duck hunt. I wanted them to have a good time, so I decided to take them jump shooting on some local farm ponds. We had gone thru all but the last pond with no luck. As we were pulling up near the pond, a large pack of ducks locked and landed. I was so excited that my nephews were finally getting their chance. The only problem we had was the pond sat in the middle of an open field with no cover to conceal our approach, so we belly crawled about a hundred yards to the pond. This was also my dog's first season. He had only been on a couple hunts and never been jumpshooting, so I was totally amazed when I looked over and he was crawling on his belly beside me. We crawled to the pond. I put my nephews on the windblown side and sent my dog to jump the ducks. The ducks came up and we all fired 3 shots. I got 2, one nephew got 2 and the other got 3.....all gadwalls. My dog made 7 nice retrieves ( the most he had made that season) and my nephews got hooked on duck hunting. I think this is my most memorable to date, but my son will going w/ me on his first duck hunt w/ a gun this season. I hope to have a new favorite memory. :thumbsup:
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Postby KCDuckMaster » Mon Oct 16, 2006 10:36 am

I would have to say my most memorable hunt would have to be my very first hunt. Now I was 15 and I dont know how or what got me into duck hunting, becasue back then I didnt know a single person that duck hunted or goose hunted let alone have ever even gone. But for some reason somthing compelled me one day when I was at a local sporting goods store to buy a dozen flambeau mallard for like $15 I think, and a really crappy (and I mean crappy) duck call that was like $5, no weights, no line.

So season was already started so I week that weekend, so I called my buddy up that I had deer and turkey hunted with before and asked if he wanted to go, he said he would go but he had never done it before. So friday since we were both 15 we couldnt drive so I had my dad take us out to our farm and he dropped us off and we camped out there that night.

Well saturday morning we woke up and we grabbed my dozen decoys. Now remeber, this was my first ever duck hunt and I had absolutly no clue what I was doing. So the way I had the dekes rigged was in a longline style like if I were diver hunting, and I used a bent knife guard from our combine for the weight. Now not having a clue as to what I was doing, I set up on the down wind side of our pond (so the wind was blowing at my face), so I couldnt keep the decoys out in the water, they just kept floating back onto the bank, well I got tired of throwing them back out so I just left them there laying on the side of the bank. Now as for where we were hiding...we were crouched down behind a log that probably covered half my body, so now that I look back at it, those ducks could have seen us as clear as day.

So we sit and we sit and finally here comes a pair of ducks, So I grab my call and start calling, now I knew that ducks went quack so I was doing somthing like that, but dont really remember. But somehow these ducks come in close enough and we both shoot and both birds fold. (Now remeber neither of us have waders I only have my boots on and I can only take about 1 step into the water before its too deep) So they fold up and both ducks land about 10yrds. out in the water. So we are kinda stumped on how to get these birds. So we waited and waited and eventually the wind blew them into the shore so we could pick them up.

So these birds just folded, stone dead, now your gonna have to cut me some slack because I was 15, it was my first time to duck hunt and no one had told me what the regulations were (although I did know the limits) so not until the next day did I read the regulations book and find out that you could only use steel shot, we were out there with 3" #4 turkey loads!!! But that was the only time, the next time we went we did have steel.

But anyways 2 bird for a couple of yahoos out there on their first try for ducks I think is pretty good, and ever since my buddy and I have been hooked and have refined our techniques a little since then.

By the way if I ever meet up with any of you guys for a hunt I'll try and remember to bring that call so you can really see and hear how crappy of a call it really is because I dontknow how to describe how bad this call really is.
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Postby goosetalk » Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:22 pm

Opening day-friend has reservation at Ted Shanks-he draws pill 2-pill 1 is not drawn-we pick L3-its raining-4 guys/4 limits including woodies, mallards, gadwalls, blue and greenwing teal, widgeons, and a ringneck- Also kill bonus canada- best thing is that two of the guys had never duck hunted before.
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Eagle Bluffs

Postby mlangenh » Fri Oct 27, 2006 10:51 am


This was posted in Outdoor Guide. Well you can just read the caption, but that was an amazing hunt at Eagle Bluffs. We had 13 mallards, 9 gadwall, 1 green-wing teal, and 1 wood duck. Had to break a little ice, but man it was worth it.
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