Sunday Morning

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Sunday Morning

Postby MTDUCKS » Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:45 pm

This morning was horrible for me. I got out and was all set up with 45 min until legal shooting hours, had a great setup. Had a group come drop in before it was light enough to get a decent shot and they for spooky and took off. Had some more working well then I heard some weird noise behind me and they spooked off hard. Next thing I know I hear two people talking and a clunking bag of decoys. Two guys come over the small berm behind me guns drawn aiming at my decoys, I had to yell and wave and they were seriously going to shoot, they stopped and were like "Damn, I swear those were real."

Then they proceeded to walk about 50yds away from my spread talking and coughing and set up about 100yds away, all this about 20 min after shooting hours, prime time. There were ducks flying all over but flaring away. I yelled over to them that they needed to move as they were set up right in my shooting lane but they didn't. Man, I thought for sure I left this type of crap in Iowa... I boated in and they walked, I know it had to be a heck of a walk for them.

At least a guy on the other side of the river was getting some good ducks because of this....
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Re: Sunday Morning

Postby PTROOFER FTFOWLER » Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:17 pm

Wow, just a few days on the site and you have started five threads already. Welcome aboard and good luck dealing with jackholes, they are everywhere.
RIP Suzy, you will be missed by all who knew you. Oct 1999-July 2015.
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Re: Sunday Morning

Postby phutch30 » Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:24 pm

Situations like that force me to acknowlege thier right to set up real close and screw my hunt, but it also forces them to accept my right to pretend Im a pretty eagle that likes dancing up and down the bank.
....its like taking x-lax when you have a bad cough. It wont clear up your lungs, but it sure stops you from coughing
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