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Postby Wolf777 » Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:22 am

So I got off from working my night shift job yesterday morning and decided to take the dog out for pheasants. She had a wonderful day full of flushes but mainly hens. The first rooster she dug out was a great show of work and instinct. I knew I couldn't miss this bird as it's her first of the year. I centered the bead and pulled at about 15 yards nothing but feathers flew and as i retrieved the bird half of my cleaning was already done. I was hunting along a ditch and had thrown in black cloud 3 shot as i usually kick up ducks. I had forgotten to switch out to lead for this stand of cover. Lesson learned. Cheap steel or no ducks while flushing pheasants. I hate to waste any meat on such a tasty bird but i was able to save 75% of that one.
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Re: oops!

Postby MontanaMatt » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:07 pm

The walk into my duck hole is loaded with roosters. I am always torn up about shooting at a pheasant, and scaring the ducks off the hole before I get a chance to jump shoot em. But I do it, every chance I get. I always have steel in the gun on the approach, Black Cloud 3's for me too, and I just try to shoot the pheasants in the head. Sometimes it works, and sometimes I have pheasant soup. Sometimes I swear, and stare at my gun like it's stupid. But I think pheasant picata is as good as food gets, and I will not pass up a shot at the long tails.
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