Billings area over Thanksgiving

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Billings area over Thanksgiving

Postby Deer Lodge Josh » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:39 pm

I am heading to Billings for Thanksgiving. Meeting relatives from Malta while they visit their kids there. Was wondering if anyone in the area would be up for a hunt. Main reason I ask is my wife has been hunting ducks the past couple years but she has yet to shoot a goose (each time I nailed a bunch she was out of town for work). Was seeing if anyone in the Billings area might have a goose spot. I don't get over there much (basically Thanksgiving) so no worry about me taking your spot. Have a few dozen shells and full body and floaters. Will gladly shoot ducks too. And naturally if there is anyone that deosn't mind someone tagging along for a pheasat hunt, I would greatly appreciate it (my wife loves eating pheasant and there are none over where I am) Would gladly swap a hunt but not the best duck hunting over here compared to over there. Do have some good fishing in the area and can get you into some birds too. We are staying in Laurel and will gladly travel a bit if it will give my wife a chance to shoot her first goose. Currently have Friday and Saturday open after thanksgiving. Thanks in advance if anyone can assist.
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