Winter Duck Boat Project

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Winter Duck Boat Project

Postby darcher » Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:13 pm

If you are really looking for a great duck boat for all conditions, contact me. I will be building my 10th original duck boat this winter. I have built many one-off male mold boats and stitch-and-glue boats and aluminum boats. This next one will be the cat's meow! It will be a 14' (maybe 15') glass sneak boat with two individual recess cockpits for two hunters to sit sideways. (In contrast to laying or sitting lengthwise.) Featuring a whaleback top piece with contour curves down close to the water's edge, it will blend anywhere with a low profile. It will have a slight vee-hull bottom for easy planing in chop, and it will have excellent floatation and safety features. (No, I won’t be taking the boat to the Coast Guard test station back in Maryland to see if it fits their rigorous standards.)

A one off mold is just that. To make a solid plug for pulling off two boats would cost about $500 more. If anyone is interested, contact me. I have no intentions of going into the boat building business. (It is a liability nightmare dealing with insurance and the Coast Guard requirements.) I would like to share the mold with someone in western Montana. Similar type boats run $8,000 to $9,000, but we can dramatically lower the cost. Later this winter I will post a sketch of my plans. If you want a great boat, or even if you would just like to learn the process, call me.

Due to my old age weakness, I may be using Kevlar, but it is not necessary. The weight difference is close to 25% reduction, but it would probably run an extra grand. Well, the season went ice-free too fast. Now that I have sold the Mud Muddy boat, it is time to set up my 13’ Blast or Cast river pram.

I’ll post a sketch sometime this winter. Anyone else out there who is a duck boat building nut?

Dave Archer 541-274-1509 or email on this site.
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