Balmy on the Clark Fork

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Balmy on the Clark Fork

Postby darcher » Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:52 pm

I took my "blast or cast" pram and Buddy to the Clark Fork River between Plains and Paradise late in the morning just to scout. I didn't like some of the launches like the one at Dixon. I swear my memory is faulty as hell. Seems like years ago it had more water. Checked a number of other launches. Finally I got on the river and found a big bay. By the time I got set up, it was 1pm. Dropped a goose fifteen minutes later. Had a number of ducks touch down in my decoys, but i gave them a pass. Later I took a mallard that refused to jump. (Buddy whines when they land and I don't see them. I pushed the camo screen down and yelled--nothing. Buddy had his feet on the combing and he was shaking and whining, so I busted a mallard and Buddy got his second retrieve of the day.) Big flights of ducks and geese, but they were too wary of my eye-sore of a boat with no shore cover behind. Nothing but gravel. I had brought some white, snow camo, but the snow had melted all around the shore.

I thought I was going to get a double on geese, but I missed the second outside bird. The temp registered 50 when I got home. Toasty day, and most enjoyable watching big flights swing over. I had some big flights of divers swing by but I am too slow. What really impressed me was the big flights. They just weren't breaking up. It was really awesome having a hundred birds swing by once and check me out. Well, some day I hope to post a tailgate photo, but in the meantime I drove home a happy camper!

Friday I went back to the same spot with my son. The wind was fierce, and the sleet slamming into us made us duck under cover. Before the wind reached gusts of up to 30mph, I called in three geese. On the third pass, I pushed the screen forward. My son was in a bad sitting position in this cramped little boat. He rushed his first shot and his gun jammed. I dropped the closest goose and didn't dare rub it in. Brandon was in shock because he couldn't ever remember his gun jamming. Later he got a mallard. Lots of geese came over and a few flocks circled us, but there were too many eyes checking us out. We were on a muddy bank and could hardly put out our decoys. We made a day out of it, but I was ready to go home after I fell in the mud and water rushed to one of my feet.
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Re: Balmy on the Clark Fork

Postby 2point » Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:00 am

It was balmy on the Bitterroot also. The wind felt like a chinook. I never did put on my jacket after walking into my spot. Weird weather but nice.
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