Flathead River

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Flathead River

Postby darcher » Sat Dec 03, 2011 6:16 pm

Yesterday I went out on the Flathead River. I didn't arrive at shooting time because I didn't want to wipe out a prop, and I had never launched there. One other hunter was out so I stayed on the other side of the river, maybe a half mile from him. Later he crossed the river for a pair of crippled mallards. He had a hell of a time locating the hen who swam and then dove under the water in front of me. I learned two things. You need to be on the shadow side of the river, and magnum decoys help. Buddy and I watched the divers screaming up and down the river. A few high flying mallards went by, and they didn't even look at my spread. I never fired a shot, but I enjoyed my new Mr. Heater Buddy. Yeah, I know. I am a wimp. It was at least 35 degrees, but the wind was blowing. Besides I had to check out my early Christmas present from my wife.

I think it is time to stuff my son in the scull boat and float from Perma bridge to the next bridge. I wonder who will have the best chance at hitching a ride, an old fart or a young guy. The problem with sculling a river is that you need to hitch a ride or use two rigs with a lot of shuttling. One of the members of this forum asked me about sculling this time of year and got me pumped up. When I was a young man, I used to scull on Palisades Reservoir when I taught in Jackson, Wyoming. The ice would form bays and long fingers. It was easy pickings for mallards. Now I have to check out the forum to see posted limits, but I am not complaining--except for the cost of diesel!
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