Primordial Drive

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Primordial Drive

Postby darcher » Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:41 pm

I have been thinking about those young men out of state who write to the forum members asking about hunting information. I understand the negative responses, but what some of you are over looking is genetics. I dare say that many of you natives and wanna be natives of Montana have the same primordial drive that you might not understand yourself, let alone try and explain it to your wives or girl friends.

I had a first cousin who I met only once. He lived in Staten Island, New York. When I got discharged from the army, I stopped by to visit my cousins. No one in his family fished or hunted. In fact, no one could remember a distant family member generations back who was an outdoorsman. When I walked into his room, the walls were covered with animal skins and bird mounts. I found out later that he had been a target for the New York Fish and Game for poaching and trapping. The guy became a professor and his life is consumed with hunting and fishing along the Eastern seaboard.

I met a young man on the West Fork of the Bitterroot River years ago when I got my truck stuck. He helped me. I discovered he was from back East somewhere and grew up in a wealthy family. He kissed him mom and dad goodbye the day he graduated from high school and moved to Montana to hunt and fish. No one in his family ever took him hunting or fishing! He later became a guide.

I know personally a fishing outfitter who walked away from his surgeon father’s offer to pay his way through any college of his choice. He lasted less than one semester at the University of Montana. He dropped out and tied flies and worked in a fly shop until he could guide.

I met a teacher who’s husband, also a teacher, insisted they move to Alaska to teach. When the first year was over, he said goodbye and good luck and literally walked out into the wild with his traps and gear.

These guys are genetic throwbacks with primordial instincts that run deep. It’s going to be Wyoming, Montana or Alaska. I’ll bet many of you on this forum have the same drive. You can’t stop them from coming. They won’t be deterred with scoldings or rudeness. One thing for sure, they better find a Montana bride who comes from a long line of hunters and anglers.
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Re: Primordial Drive

Postby wingnutty » Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:29 pm

i hear canada's nice.
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Re: Primordial Drive

Postby HaydenHunter » Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:22 am

Interesting point. I think it has some validity.

I came from a family that was not a fishing and hunting family. We did not philosophically oppose it...we just had no history of it. My dad was an inner city kid who didn't grow up hunting and said he had enough of camping and shooting when he landed on the beaches and / or patrolled south Pacific islands during WWII. (He later camped extensively with us as a Boy Scout leader).

I started hunting at the ripe old age of 40. All I hunt is birds, but it hooked me hard and has continued to be my main reason for looking forward to the fall and winter seasons. When I try to explain to someone the beauty of the hunting experience my conversation usually includes how hunting awakens a deep instinct to put wild food on the table and that it's hard to conceptualize it until you experience it. At least that's the way it was for me.

Good thread.

I still hope for you Montanans' sake that not every one that has this epiphany ends up living in MT...or Idaho, for that matter. :smile:
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