Found the birds

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Found the birds

Postby Deer Lodge Josh » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:45 pm

Found water that was open and was covered shore to shore with ducks and geese. Too bad I am in AZ and the open water was on golf courses I drove past while heading to a clients. thousands of ducks and geese. virtually every type of duck you could think of. No shortage of quail and dove in my parents backyard too. Well at least the birds that made it down here have a safe place to winter. Hope their offspring next year stick around up north longer for us. Odd yesterday is was in the lower 40's east of mesa. Butte was similar temps. All the birds I am seeing here probably were pushed off the northern AZ lakes I hunted when I was in college from the many feet of snow and cold they are getting, I assume no ducks left up there. Oh well it was good to at least see ducks.
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