Snow Goose Decoys FS

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Snow Goose Decoys FS

Postby bugler05 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:34 pm

Not going to be able to chase white birds this spring and these dang things cost too much to ship. Any takers?

139 Northwind Snows with stakes/supports
35 Converted, Canada to Blues with stakes/supports
9 Northwind Hovering Snows with stakes/supports (1 extra without support)

Total 184 decoys for sale! (2 heads short)

Most of these have original Northwind supports, some are homemade using strips of corrugated plastic that I had laying around. The homemades are not consistent in length but did help a little when the wind would die down. They are duct taped around the sharp edges so they wouldn't wear holes in the bodies.

The bodies that are blues were Canada Northwinds that I repainted.

18 of the snow bodies are Mallard drake Northwinds that were turned inside out and painted with black tail feathers to make into Snows. Still usable as Mallard drakes if you so desire.

Most of the heads have factory, but some were repainted to make into snows or blues.

Decoys were used last spring on 12 hunts, some are muddy and two or three have very small holes. All in all they are in great condition, before last spring I think they were used only a few times. $225, located in Bozeman.



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